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The Old Guy ... Youthful Memories ...

When I sit out on the porch throwing peanuts to the Blue Jays … their calls to one another take me back to a time … where memories have soft edges and youthful adventures remain vivid and grandiose. 670 more words

Days 38 and 39: It's Period Time Again!

These last two days were the first days of my period, and I felt – surprise, surprise – like crap. I was tired, fatigued, drained of all energy, plus crampy and cranky. 104 more words


My Two Cents On the Southern Thing

There is much I’d like to say with respect to this whole Confederate battle flag controversy. Unfortunately, much of what I would like to say might come across as offensive; no matter what I say, … 459 more words

General Observations

Things I Stand "For"

Judgmental Piranhas

There is an unending current full of piranha-like detractors, each taking a bite out of the weary and flailing defenders of normality left floating in the sea of change. 502 more words

General Observations

What if?

A few weeks ago I was, for the first time in my adult life, a victim of crime.  Some low-life scum smashed my rear windscreen with a rock, tore the parcel shelf up and stole my (hidden from view) handbag from the boot/trunk of my car.  462 more words

General Observations

Day 18: Post-Period Evaluation

I wanted to take just a little time to evaluate the general affects of my period on my training.

First, I was no doubt slightly weaker and less energetic when I actually had my period. 205 more words


Day 14: Almonds on the Run!

I decided not to go swimming again because I have my period and it’s such a hassle: cramps, bloating, tampon or other plug-type device, etc., etc. 128 more words