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Day by Day

“You know what’s weird? Day by day, nothing seems to change, but pretty soon…everything’s different.” This is one of my favorite quotes from Bill Watterson, the creator of Calvin and Hobbes. 261 more words

General Musings

Reading Wrap-Up: February 2015

We are now a sixth of the way through the year and the 2015 Reading Challenge! It’s scary how quickly February has come and gone – I now have only four weeks of lectures left at University. 286 more words

General Musings

Book Haul: February 2015

Well, my limit of 5 book purchases this month didn’t quite work out, did it?! I blame Amazon and their 3 for £10 deal, which is just too good to resist. 224 more words

General Musings

PPP Project Update

I just walked the halls here in my apartment building for the first time (something my Grandma did in the winter when she couldn’t walk outside), and holy crap on a cracker, am I out of shape. 536 more words

General Musings

Sidetracked by Curiosity

The other day a version of the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator made its way around our office, for no reason other than it was a novelty. Our very own Bookworm kicked off the test-taking, which then went to my business partner, which then came to me.  537 more words

Flipside Workspace

A Field Guide to Booklovers

Welcome to the Field Guide to Booklovers. Within these pages you will learn about the different types of booklovers. Let’s begin with bookshelf arrangers.

We all know people judge others on what books they have on their bookshelves. 599 more words

Angus And Robertson

Pillsbury crescent rolls will be the death of me

I recently made Bush’s chicken sausage and bean puffs recipe, which calls for putting yummy things inside of Pillsbury crescent rolls.  Well, Pillsbury crescent rolls that don’t resemble crescent rolls by the time you’re done because you have to smoosh all of the seams closed and then chop the whole thing into squares. 280 more words