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Sunday 26th April 2015

It’s a funny old thing really. When I first came to Swindon – about twenty years ago – I used to bemoan the fact that eating choices here were largely limited to curry houses and Italian restaurants. 375 more words

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Bunny Pumpkin Boutique and The Emporium of Loveliness

Sunday 26th April 2015

Last Saturday, together with my good friend Sam (aka Little Miss Cakemaker) I attended the official opening of this delightful little shop. 566 more words

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Lower coffee prices spur Starbucks buying spree

“Starbucks Corp trumpeted the boost to its profits from “patient” coffee buying as it revealed that it had continued to use lower prices, now down some 40% from October highs, to build its inventories. 49 more words

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Poem: Tent Like Openings -- Greg Hobbs

Tent Like Openings

Let the music in your judgments sing!

The rule of law is nothing but the song of human beings
raised in hopeful expectation of yearning for a place to… 86 more words

Colorado Water

'Think so vs. Know so': Dr. Jonathan Finnoff on Sports Ultrasound

Earlier this week I was injecting an ankle:  was I in the joint or not?  I ‘think so’–but with an ultrasound I would ‘know so.’ Perhaps that is all I really need to say in this blog post on sports ultrasound! 852 more words

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Q: Hillary involved in "racketeering"? A: Shut-up you haters

Andrew McCarthy mentions the word that the press avoids when discussing the smartest woman in the world……..um…… oh yes, the word is RICO:

The Emerging Clinton Foundation Scandal… 23 more words


Columbia student accused of rape by 'mattress girl' sues university

I only wish it were possible to bring criminal charges against those in charge at his school. That they are waging these bigoted wars against our innocent young men should be met with prison time, now slaps on the wrist. 27 more words

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