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758,000 gamers have already signed up for this crowdfunded video game with no official release date

Launching a video game has become a challenge akin to launching a major feature film. Tons of money is invested up front, a release date is set, and gamers play. 731 more words

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3 little changes that will make a big difference in your online advertising

Online advertising has come a long way from the tacky, blinking banner ads of the 1990s. Today, sophisticated, highly targeted online ads are delivered through a plethora of digital channels, from search engines to mobile apps – and a growing number of marketers are reaping the benefits. 69 more words

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What's the Real Value of Twitter?

Twitter o Twitter, what’s a Twitter worth? A tweet or a song? Investors have been debating this the past month and I’m not sure anyone has it right just yet. 587 more words

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Are you even a llama, bro?

For those of you who may not quite grasp the difference between llamas and alpacas — here’s help to tell the difference, should you find yourself in a sticky situation like having to identify whether… 20 more words

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Google just paid $25 million to buy the entire '.app' web domain (GOOG)

Google just paid $25 million for exclusive rights to the “.app” top-level web domain.

Google decided to apply for new top-level domains (TLDs) way back in 2012, four years after… 342 more words

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Kleiner partner: We didn't think Ellen Pao would be a good investor, but promoted her anyway

A witness for the venture capital firm Ellen Pao is suing for gender discrimination says they promoted Pao to an investing role even though they didn’t think she would be any good at it. 206 more words

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