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10 years after Katrina, slow hurricane season expected

As the 10th anniversary of the busiest hurricane season on record approaches, forecasters and government officials are preparing for the start of the 2015 season. But unlike the… 85 more words

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Skin ages faster in space, a new study looking at mice proves

While beauty creams on Earth often claim to have “antigravity” effects on the skin, a weightless environment may actually cause premature aging of the epidermis, according to a new study looking at mice. 122 more words

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Nexus 5 starts getting Android 5.1.1 update in India

The LG Nexus 5, which was released back in November 2013, has started receiving the Android 5.1.1 update in India. The over-the-air (OTA) update weighs in at around 24MB and carries a build number of LMY48B. 77 more words

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Madagascar chameleon actually 11 distinct species, researchers find

The color-changing panther chameleon has long fascinated scientists, but there’s more to the reptile than meets the eye: What was once considered to be one species is actually 11 distinct species of chameleon, a new study finds. 89 more words

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Determined squirrel refuses to let go of booby-trapped bird feeder

With recent innovations in bird-feeding technology, it’s tough to score an easy meal as a squirrel

Regardless, this determined vermin refuses to believe that this spinning bird feeder, specifically meant to deter squirrels, will stop it from getting a snack. 54 more words

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