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In Todays News of the Salacious

In Todays News of the Salacious Nutz, WordPress blogger Opinionated Man has an unhealthy fascination with his own nuts.

It’s noticably affecting his ability to communicate in meaningful ways as he is now seemingly addressing no one.   211 more words

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Faux Wartime Correspondent Leland Vittert On Scene

This just in!

Leland has realized the lifetime goal of being  a wartime reporter.

Having never reported in a declared war, he’s ready to pose with the homies who are about being as intimidating and repressive as possible. 488 more words


King of Other

Apparently I had 2.0 million impressions on 225 tweets.

I had no idea I had such reach to Other.

I wonder who they are?

I’m now trying to find out what app this is, lol. 25 more words

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True Stories of Hollyweird.

Everyone knows that people in Hollyweird are a little bit different.

That’s ok.  It makes for great people watching entertainment.

Diet and exercise is important!  But the camera man can work miracles if you stage properly! 87 more words

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The Gay Follies! The Constitutional Convention of 1787

I was trolling Rupert Murdoch today on Twitter.

Not really.  I was responding to some of his tweets as I thought I’d see was the old fuddy duddy was up to, given my criticism of Fox yesterday. 516 more words

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