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The Patriarchy

The Head of the Family arrived home after a hard day poolside.

He enjoyed his day on the links, chasing after the gazelle like beer girls on the course. 276 more words

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Race Fans! A Practical Guide To Visiting The Indianapolis 500.

With the passage of Indiana State Bill 101 that allows discrimination based on burdening someone’s religion to take place, a practical guide for visiting Indiana is necessary. 284 more words


Kurt Vonnegut Crashes a Wedding and I Learned Something.

When someone asks what my favorite color, song, movie, fruit, or any other single-amongst-many item is, I experience a small amount of stress. It should be an easy choice, but I think a lot of us feel that this answer will define us as a person for the rest of our lives. 611 more words

The Washington Redskins Name Change Ideas

Since there appears to be a failure of imagination at Washington Redskins headquarters, I have come up with some equally viable name change ideas.

These reflect the history of America in all it’s glory. 93 more words

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The Strict Constructionists United States Constitution

Here ye, here ye.

In order that the facts on the ground match the actual document as per a strict constructionists, conservatives or Republican Presidential hopefuls interpretation of the United States Constitution, I herein revise and update said United States Constitution. 206 more words