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Zen for the Rest of Us

Zen is so HARD!  Here is some “Zen,” for the rest of us. Well, okay, for me.  

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General Humor

We Need Old Fart Google Search.

How many times do you old farts search on a song you want by title and the wrong song comes up?

Not only does the wrong song come up, but the totally awesome 80’s song you want to listen to isn’t even in results? 62 more words

Social Media

Want to Be A Bully On Wordpress?

Want to be a bully on WordPress like Jason Cushman (AKA Opinionated Man, @smokendust)?

You can bully with no fear that WordPress will do anything to you!   882 more words


That Time My Mom Almost Ran Over David Letterman

When you grow up with a mentally ill mother, you don’t know she’s mentally ill. You just think she’s kinda different. But David Letterman? He figured out my mom was a complete nut job within three minutes of meeting her. 506 more words

General Humor