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It is interesting to know one’s heritage, especially if that one is me. My great grandfather on my father’s side came over from Germany. My grandfather was the first person in his family to be born in this country. 670 more words

Surprises in the Letterbox

I love it when I check my mail and there’s a letter or parcel containing information to fill in the blanks of the latest puzzle I’m working on.   219 more words

Family History

We met at your gravestone, Part I

Ever conducted genealogy or family tree research? Many of us have and many of us run into “dead” ends more frequently than we’d like.

If I had been able to tap into the psychic ability I believe we were all born with, I would have trusted my intuition that breezy fall day in 2010 and saved myself and my family many years of tears, frustration and unnecessary DNA tests. 236 more words

Internet and Time Management....

One of the things that I find has to be micro-managed in this industry is time management when you’re online. When you have a love of trawling through old records, news articles from yesteryear, diaries, photos, etc you can find yourself very quickly becoming distracted. 176 more words

Family History

Genealogy Hopscotch

Well, in my absence, my husband and I bought a home, renovated and revamped it, moved into it, and pretty much got paint on every piece of clothing I own. 508 more words

My Life Long Love of Genealogy

So where did my life long love of Genealogy begin?

Growing up I was quite close to my Grandmother. I used to love listening to her tell stories about growing up and we both shared a love of history.   176 more words

Family History