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Memorial Day Tribute!

Here is something to commemorate the day! Have a great holiday and remember the reason!

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Hard Working Musicians and Some Not So Hard Working Musicians

When I sit down to write a song, I write a song. That means, I have a vocal melody, chords and a certain feel behind it. 755 more words


SONIC WAVES.....Kiss/Crazy Nights

So in 1985 Heart release the album Heart(sold trillions!) You know that one! What About Love and These Dreams and well lookey lookey come two years later(1987) Kiss hire Hearts producer Ron Nevision and make a closer to sounding like a Heart record than like a Kiss record! 1,362 more words

SONIC WAVES...Album Reviews

3/4's KISS Filler Week...Kiss/Hot In The Shade

Ha,I always liked this cover you know Leon Sphinx! But what was on the inside is kinda a mess of epic perportions! Like all the other albums that Kiss released I bought quick and well I think you can gather that by now right?! 1,329 more words

Hard Rock

3/4's KISS Filler Week...Kiss/Asylum

Well some of yous by now may be thinking ‘hey Ol DeKEs is ripping on Kiss especially after the Unmasked debacle pretty hard!” Well yes kinda but if you cruise around the site here I have reviewed some Kiss albums….for instance.. 1,052 more words

Hard Rock

Santana, Stevie, Jagger Mourn the Loss of B.B. King

It’s hard not to find a musician who has not commented on the death Thursday of the brilliant, beloved┬áB.B. King.

Buddy Guy: “I come to you all with a heavy heart. 1,685 more words