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INFOGRAPHIC: Men And Women Get Different Migraines

I thought I’d post this Medical Daily post story because of the exceptional infographic. It’s also a great example of explanatory journalism and health communications. Enjoy and let me know what you think about the infographic. 409 more words


Anatomy and Gender Coded Appearances

I was recently watching the video for “Animal Nitrate” by Suede, and I was struck by how beautiful I found Bret Anderson, their singer, to be. 304 more words



the power of language, the power in language


When we learned about the Declaration of Independence in grade school, we were not asked to question the phrase, “All men are created equal.” And it’s unlikely that those watching the moon landing on TV in 1969 were retorting indignantly, “Excuse me? 1,916 more words

Zooming Out

Celebrating resistance with art

McGill Daily interviews Kosisochukwu Nnebe for their Race Issue on visualizing race and gender politics

written by: Rackeb Tesfaye and Rosie Long Decter


Jeremy Clarkson, Oisin Tymon, and the Disposability of Men

Several of my Facebook friends, along with the rest of the Internet, have been lamenting the death of Top Gear. Top Gear is not actually dead, but it is losing its biggest star in host Jeremy Clarkson. 1,069 more words


I wish Feminism didn't exist

I think it’s disgusting that we even have a need for the term “feminism”. Equality and equal rights are so entrenched in who I am that I cannot believe that there is any other way. 221 more words


From the Reader's Guide For Natural Attraction

“How much is your own gender part of your identity?  Would you be just as happy as a different gender?”


Excerpt From: Catherine Haustein. “Natural Attraction.” iBooks. 14 more words

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