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The Sexism in Science Controversies

Here is a link to a guest post of mine over at Lee Jussim’s blog at Psychology Today:

The Sexism in Science Controversies

(The post was originally published on this blog under the title of “ 66 more words


Gender and performance in the neoliberal academy

In my previous blog post, for ‘A feminist leaves NeoLiberal U’ I was responding to some of the concerns that a colleague had raised, in her letter of resignation, about her gendered experience of the neoliberal, competitive, speeded up academy. 980 more words

Why The Fatal Attraction Reboot Concerns Me

By Eoin Martin

Back in 1987 the Adrian Lyne directed film Fatal Attraction was released, the film became a box office hit and pop culture phenomenon. 576 more words


How Adventure Time Is Saving the Future

I, a 30-year-old person without a television, discovered Adventure Time purely by crazy coincidence. Several webcomic artists I enjoy had started working on the show, and I checked it out. 1,824 more words



I’m completely fed up with seeing articles about schools banning girls from wearing short skirts or makeup. The headteacher’s justification is always the problematic notion that it’s ‘distracting to the boys’ which irks me more than enough, but one that really got to me today said… 1,057 more words

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Women's soccer

I’ve really been enjoying watching the Women’s World Cup.  Nothing like a western hemisphere world cup for my viewing pleasure.  What I have decided is that women’s soccer is just as entertaining, and often times more so, than men’s soccer.   555 more words