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R.I.P. Steve Strange of Visage

For those of you who don’t know, the ‘Fade to Grey’ song that all of you know was by Visage. Bonus points to those of you who can match Steve Strange with the image in the banner above. 404 more words

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Did the Pope compare transgender people to nuclear arms?

Pope Francis who allegedly does not judge gay people has made yet more offensive remarks against the LGBT+ community. Last month same-sex marriage apparently ‘disfigures God’s plan for creation’ and ‘ the family’. 310 more words

Gay Rights

Myers, K. "'Cowboy Up!: Non-Hegemonic Representations of Masculinity in Children's Television Programming."

Myers, Kristen. “’Cowboy Up!’: Non-Hegemonic Representations of Masculinity in Children’s Television Programming.” The Journal of Men’s Studies 20(2): 125-143.

Non-hegemonic males (though present) work to reinforce HM. 335 more words

Gender Theory

Wilkins, A.C. 2009. "Masculinity Dilemmas: Sexuality and Intimacy Talk among Christians and Goths."

Wilkins, Amy C. 2009. “Masculinity Dilemmas: Sexuality and Intimacy Talk among Christians and Goths.” Signs 34(2): 343-368.

Subcultures as ways to navigate transitions between adolescence and adulthood – masculinity, however, in both groups, achieve similar things in Christian and goth groupings, by loosening expectations of masculinity – “by crafting masculinity projects out of available cultural resources” (343). 889 more words

Gender Theory

Kane, E.W. 2006. "'No Way My Boys Are Going to Be Like That!': Parents' Responses to Children's Gender Nonconformity."

Kane, Emily W. 2006. “’No Way My Boys Are Going to Be Like That!’: Parents’ Responses to Children’s Gender Nonconformity.” Gender & Society 20(2): 149-176. 780 more words

Gender Theory

Connell, R.W. "An Iron Man"

Connell, R.W. “An Iron Man.”

Masculinity as multiple, holding complex relations of dominance/subordination to each other. Contradicts the male sex role. “Masculinity is not inherent in the male body; it is a definition given socially, which refers to characteristics of male bodies” (76) – is this always the case? 137 more words

Gender Theory

Maureen Murdock quotes

All quotes are taken from this article: Maureen Murdock interviewed by Mary Davis

“The feminine journey is about going down deep into soul, healing and reclaiming, while the masculine journey is up and out, to spirit.” 440 more words