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MU professor shines light on polarizing popular culture media

By Guimel Sibingo

COLUMBIA – On the first day of Television Criticism class, Melissa Click, an assistant professor of mass media at the University of Missouri, asks her undergraduate students this question: “How many literature classes have you taken?” 1,786 more words


The Virgin/Whore Dichotomy

Being female, a number of names have been kindly added to my already extensive list over the past twenty years. To name but a few, I have been granted such titles as: whore, virgin, prude, lesbian, slut, nun, harlot, and my personal favourite, love strumpet. 671 more words

Cregan, K. 2006. The Sociology of the Body.

Cregan, Kate. 2006. The Sociology of the Body. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

Sociology often focuses on minds or social relations of bodies (individuals), but rarely bodies themselves. 1,641 more words

Gender Theory

Trans Brilliance: CN Lester on Music, Psychology, Gender, and Activism

TransEthics: I’ve interviewed a couple of non-binary people in the past. How do you define “non-binary”?

CN Lester: I would probably say that I don’t define it — I think the very appeal is that there is no fixed definition — or, rather, than everyone has their own, and we respect individual interiority — that’s the whole point. 2,145 more words


Female trans in Vogue

If you follow my blog for several months, you might have read my articles about Androgyny. If not I invite you to read this article by clicking… 199 more words


" The earth is filled with harmony and trust when the alliance between man and woman is lived properly. "

The title is a quote from Pope Francis’s latest General Audience on April 15. He intends to speak about the complementarity of men and women in his next General Audience tomorrow as well. 392 more words


Pope Francis on Gender Theory

Pope Francis has been expressing his faith based perspectives on Gender Theory and the basis of a covenantal sacramental marriage.

It would seem that The Advocate may rue naming Pope Francis the person of the year in 2013.