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Psy-Fi Magazine - Major Journalism Project

For our Major Journalism Project this year we were asked to create an eight page magazine about a topic of our choice, mine was about science-fiction.

Lily Blank Psy-Fi 2014


Terribly Hard

I am terribly hard on myself.
Not just too hard.
Hard.I took
a bunch of selfies.
I deleted them.
It was easy.
Too bad I can’t… 77 more words


Michael Sam: His signing with the Montreal Out-louettes cannot be just 'about football'

The most poignant moment of Michael Sam’s introductory chin-wag arrived when he responded to, of all things, a query about late-autumn climes in Montreal.

“I’m used to cold weather,” he said. 801 more words


Cartesian Cave

I like to imagine Rene Descartes sometimes, sitting as a shadow among shadows in his little Rembrandt painting, an exile from the kingdom of France. Perhaps smoking a pipe, he glances up at his mistress/wife and says, “Madame, you know it has occurred to me that I think, and therefore I am.” 1,038 more words


23 Little-Known Facts About Orgasms

1. A select few lucky individuals are able to reach orgasm simply by thinking.

And I think I’m jealous of those people. In fact, I know I am. 870 more words

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“Find Your Nest Before You Fly”, Disencouragement, and Other Dilemmas

In my 2nd year of elementary school, I punched a boy in front of his mother because he mocked me. When I was criticized of my behavior as “not appropriate for girls”, my 8-year old’s words were clear and sharp: 1,333 more words