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No, no, no! My body is NOT public property!

I am now nearly 7 months pregnant and getting quite large in the belly region. I have noticed something in the past few weeks. For some odd reason, people seem to think it okay to touch a pregnant woman’s belly. 202 more words


Anonymous: Her Blood is on your Keyboard

Constance…I am sobbing deeply right now.  Another transgender person dead, dysphoria eats another one of us, and what’s worse but not at all unusual is the way that the cis-world egged her on. 572 more words

Gender Issues

Got it!

YES!!! I got the diagnosis! F64.8 Other gender identity disorder. No idea which version of the ICD it is from but who cares! It’s a stupid name (that should be changed) and exactly what I was after. 200 more words

Gender Issues

Legalized Discrimination Is What Is Really Behind The Same-Sex Marriage Case At The Supreme Court

Tomorrow the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on same-sex marriage.  It is expected that by late June, it will render its decision declaring whether or not same-sex marriage is legal in all 50 states.  1,209 more words



The word transgender has been all over the news lately. Most recently you may have had a two hour peek into Bruce Jenner’s life, or heard about the issues surrounding laws with using public restrooms. 1,179 more words

Bruce Jenner's Special With Diane Sawyer On ABC's 20/20 Sets New Bar For Reporting On Transgender Issues

Constance, this is a pretty dang good analysis of the Jenner interview.

*I am calling this person Jenner for now…while Jenner has given request for male pronouns to be used for the interview and identification currently, Jenner has also unequivocally declared as female.   99 more words

Gender Issues