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Chinese company tells women staffers to get pregnant according to schedule -- or else

A company in northern China has reportedly ordered its female employees to schedule their pregnancies in advance with management. If women then give birth outside of that scheduled window of time, they will reportedly lose year-end bonuses and possibly reduce their chances at promotion. 132 more words

Human And Civil Rights

A subtle change gave Facebook's icons more gender equality

An image may be worth a thousand words, but a Facebook icon represents literally millions of people.

The magnitude of the symbolism of Facebook’s seemingly innocuous icons is something designer Caitlin Winner realized not too long after she started working at the company. 281 more words



Hello there and welcome to 2015, a place in time where catcalling is still deemed to be acceptable in our modern society and there is still no way to safeguard women who deal with it on a constant basis, regardless of their age or location. 1,093 more words


This harrowing video about domestic violence is going viral because it looks familiar for too many

Emma Murphy is a 26-year-old mother of two from Dublin, and a manager at nutritional supplement company Forever Living Products. On Facebook, she often publicly shares recipes and tips, as well as pictures of her young children. 319 more words

Free the Nipple: A Contemplation on Why We Cover Our Bodies

Evidently, these are made of the elements of earth, air, water, sun and the sky. Naturally, they feel best (climate permitting) when in contact with them, not in separation. 900 more words