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Normativity, Naming, and the Divine Image by Natalie Weaver

Over the past two days, I have been considering the challenges and competing perspectives on Carol Christ’s post, “Who is Gender Queer?”  I’d like to weigh in with some thoughts on normativity, naming, and the divine image. 1,019 more words

Gender And Sexuality


Rating: G
Run Time: 88 minutes
Released: 1998
Director: Tony Bancroft, Barry Cook

Cultural Rating

Overall, this film does an excellent job of questioning rigid gender roles regarding femininity. 1,019 more words

Broadening the perspective of fisheries management by including gender

The Secretariat for the Pacific Community’s recent regional workshop on the “Future of coastal/inshore fisheries management,”  3 to 6 March 2015 included the role of women (along with youth and culture) in fisheries management as one of the main topics. 249 more words


Make New Friends, But Keep the Old

After spending the weekend with some old friends, it got me thinking about the fluctuation of friendships.  I grew up singing this folk song at Girl Scout camp and it has always stuck with me. 222 more words

Quick Read

Wo(Men) in the Pews: What's the Difference

We are Quite Different

I was misleading you that last post, by saying we know little. We have a low quantity of verses in the Bible about gender compared to other subjects. 1,050 more words



Rating: PG
Run Time: 90 minutes
Released: 2001
Director: Andrew Adamson, Vicky Jenson

Cultural Rating: 

The film does an excellent job of challenging traditional notions of body image, body ideals, and beauty ideals, but does very little to engage with gender roles, racial diversity, disability, and sexual orientation. 486 more words

Little Giants

Little Giants
Rating: PG
Run Time: 107 minutes
Released: 1994
Director: Duwayne Dunham

Cultural Rating: 

Overall, this film includes positive messages regarding gender roles and the rejection of… 630 more words