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A continuum and a cycle

“What do you want for us in the future?”

“I want more.”

He frowned. “But more doesn’t stop.” 178 more words


Leaving The Pity Pool: On Internalized Messages and Echo Chambers

When I was a teenager the mother of a close friend cautioned me about the dangers of swimming in pity pools. Even with that warning I made the mistake of entering one. 97 more words


A bout of dysphoria

Ever since I was young and my chest started developing I have always felt uncomfortable in my skin, I get this gut feeling kind of like (noxious) butterflies followed by unexplained guilt and shame. 51 more words


Invest in the Future: Strengthen Malaria Programs with Gender Data

Mosquitoes don’t discriminate when they bite. Anyone in a malaria-endemic locale – men, women and children – is fair game for the mosquito. But evidence paints a different picture on how vulnerable they may be to contracting malaria. 209 more words

Global Health

It is a Matter of Focus by Deanne Quarrie

Many of the young women I meet tell me that they think feminism is not what they are about, that they prefer to work for the good of all. 937 more words


Who Owns Marriage? (4) evangelical inconsistency and prejudice?

I’ve been reading the contributions of other commentators to the conversation about Nick Park’s 4 chapters. Nick is Executive Director of Evangelical Alliance Ireland.

Chapter 1: A much needed conversation… 1,005 more words


LGBTQI+A, Part 1

There is a lot of talk in the LGBTQ+ communities about what the “A” in the acronym stands for. There are those who will say it’s for Asexuality, and others will add Aromantic. 545 more words