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Memahami Generasi Milenial

Tulisan ini adalah hasil ringkasan dari event HR Thursday Talk persembahan karir.com yang berlangsung hari Kamis, 2 July 2015.

Berawal dari kegelisahan banyak klien tentang bagaimana cara menghadapi generasi Millenial atau generasi Y, event ini mendapat sambutan yang luar biasa dari para HR Professional di Jakarta dan dihadiri lebih dari 100 HR professionals. 1,328 more words

Are Millenials Discriminated By Baby Boomers and Gen X?

You will often hear a baby boomer or generation X’er criticize and critique the millennials for being unemployed, lacking skills… On the contrary, millennial’s have proven themselves to be the most entrepreneurial generation yet, and given the previous generations under estimated the importance of technology in our globalized world, I feel as if we are seeing them project their own weaknesses onto the more educated, technologically savvy Millenials. 274 more words

sunday: the real fun begins

This plain text document lying around on my laptop is what gives me energy everyday. It’s a undecorated and unformatted draft of things to come. It’s as unfinalized as they come, subjected to changes, since I still have about half a year until then. 579 more words


become better at anything

“Just do it,” – Nike

Although the sportswear giant has its own share of controversies, there is something I definitely agree with:

“Just Do It” 310 more words


focus friday: your goals

“Let’s go party in Vegas for my birthday!!” 

As fun as that sounds, the logical side of me took over as soon as my friend announced that. 335 more words


How to Divorce Your Job and Keep the House - THE REVIVAL

Wow it’s been 10 months since our last Divorce Your Job post!

Unfortunately the personal quest to divorce my job occupied my time and while new blog postings were made, none pertained to this series. 111 more words

Health And Fitness

Featured Blog: The Power of Simplifying Your Life

The following blog is by Sophia Bera originally published in her website Gen Y Planning.

Between work, family, friends, and errands, we all have a lot going on. 1,004 more words