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What type of parents push drugs on their kids? The r-type parent.


The excuse?

He wanted his son to “fit in” with certain friends.
Fiver says the son will grow up to be a staunch Conservative, with terrible parents like that, who recently split up, he’s a shoo-in. 157 more words

Why it's okay to run away from your Quarter-Life Crisis

To run away has somehow been understood as a cowardly action. For the gutless, the faint hearted, the fearful.

They got it all wrong. Those who are too afraid to run, say its cowardly. 599 more words

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Millennials: Find Your Passion in Life

This day and age is for those who choose to seek for themselves and find happiness in their career. This is in stark contrast to our grandparents’ generation. 566 more words

Millennial Generation


Poppy shut the door behind her softly, barely emitting a click as the latch found its home. She padded across the cool, gray tile and reached for the bathtub faucet, wrenching the handle all the way to the right and pulling up the chrome tab that diverted the cascade to the shower head. 567 more words

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Hi all!

Today’s post is by one of my friends Michelle, an accomplished writer. Several of her write-ups are being published on prominent websites.

You can find her work at sites like  926 more words

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Fear, Part One

February 14, 11:26 am

It wasn’t supposed to happen like this.
They were supposed to be at home. Sitting in that disgusting little pool again. Just the three of them, Nora… Poppy, and Him. 1,297 more words

Gen X

Lullaby for the Damned, Part One

Blue eyes searched the dimly lit ceiling. The paint was old and poorly maintained, like everything else in the house. Raphael sat up and a familiar hunger overtook him; he let one of his hands stray beneath the baggy shirt he slept in, feeling the thinness of his waist. 843 more words

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