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Ghostly Pixie (Dani's POV)

I pursed my lips together as I watched Young and Hue pour over the books. I was trying to focus on the finding the missing Dwarves but I kept coming back to questions about Kat’s armor resembling Vallen’s so much. 506 more words

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Lust and Libraries (Dani's POV)

I stuck my head out of the room to look around. Oliver tugged on my arm, drawing me back in and pushing the door closed. “The best thing you can do right now is stay out of sight. 949 more words

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Reflections of Prince(ss)

Tallyn and I sat quietly glaring at each other as Justin, Hue, Vallen, Ian, and Aiden argued about how to resolve this mess. It was a death match of stares and I didn’t dare blink. 1,103 more words

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Young's Conundrum

“Sooooooo she’s trapped in a castle surrounded by thorns?”


“Do we have to slay a Dragon?”


“Are you the Dragon that needs to be slayed?” Hue glared back at me. 658 more words

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The Search Continues (Dani's POV)

“Miss Dani, I’m afraid we haven’t found anything here.” The Dwarven hunter’s face said it all. That they had been searching for two weeks and there was no sign of Kat anywhere. 403 more words

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I sat quietly on a patch of soft moss. I had spent the better part of the day gathering enough firewood to last me through the evening and into the night. 1,363 more words

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Dancing with Shadows

Per the usual, everything was dark. I could hear the moans and struggling breaths of other unfortunate captives around me. I had expected our “host”┬áback hours, or even days, before, as my consciousness had fully returned but he hadn’t. 861 more words

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