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"హంస గీత"నే వినరాదా -a review of a line in manassa ekkadunnav.

“హంస గీత”నే వినరాదా.. హింస మానరా మదనా..
ఒక మామూలు romantic పాట లొ “హంస గీత” గురించి మాట్లదటం వేటూరి వారికే చెల్లింది ..
సామాన్య జనులకు ఆయన సాహిత్యం అర్ధం కావలి కదా!! 13 more words

Telugu Cinema

The Absent Staircase

Demon : You fool ! You think you can cross these waters ? There is no way out.

Man : Who said about crossing ? I will elevate. 211 more words


e-Sacred Thought - March 2015 issue!

This first issue of esacred thought for year 2015 is now out! 😃 you may enjoy this pearl of wisdom here.

The Geeta and The Evolution

The Geeta and The Evolution

Arun Maji

Copyright: Arun Maji


I have extreme respect for all books on religion and religious philosophy.  Like many, I tend to believe- those books were written by very great minds of past (rather  than the great God himself,  paraphrasing- they were written by son of God). 472 more words


Sri Krishna's guidelines for Self Knowledge - Do I need a Guru?

Standing by the Indian sweets shop a little one was keenly watching the making of imrati ( spirals soaked in sugar syrup). He asked the cook (lovingly called bhaiyya in Mumbai) ‘Bhaiyya, will you teach me how to make these spirals.” Bhiyya replied “Arey beta, uske liye to ustad ki dhoti dhoni padati hai !” (Dear boy, to learn that one has to wash imrati-master’s trousers!). 144 more words


Grace and me

Lord has a perfect plan
to make me a better man.
All afflictions will come to end and
I will be a better man.
I will fly again… 35 more words