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Who Review: Top 16 Reasons Why You Should Watch Doctor Who

After a year of intermittently binge watching Doctor Who, I have successfully caught up and watched all the episodes of the most reason reboot (8 seasons). 256 more words


Tales From Westeros - Mother's Mercy

Hello all and apologies for the wait. And thus, another season has come and gone like the Dornish wind, as it howled on its way out. 2,991 more words


Female objectification in games -League of Sexism- a rant

{Warning: the author of this post is by no means slut-shaming and is perfectly fine with people wearing skimpy outfits if they so desire. However, as the characters mentioned below are designed by other people (with a nefarious agenda in mind) they do not have agency over their own clothing and haven’t been described as such. 2,941 more words


Tales From Westeros - The Dance of Dragons

This week’s episode was rough, guys. I thought this show had done it all to me after the Red Wedding, the Purple Wedding, the goddamn Beige wedding for all I care, but this week’s big death was pretty jarring for me. 3,281 more words


Tales From Westeros - Hardhome

“Hardhome” hits home….hard.

Throughout this season we have had something that we haven’t had in a while in Game of Thrones, being able to concentrate on four or five characters and their motivations and goals while also savoring all that inter-character banter. 2,445 more words


What’s Killing My Social Life This Week – Dungeon of the Endless

Are you tired of these games that… fuck it, I’m not doing an introductory paragraph this time.

Dungeon of the Endless (not to be confused with, Legend of the Dungeon, Dungeonland or I-have-no-creativity-when-it-comes-to-naming-my-game) is, according to that Face Recognition app, a 48-year-old squirrel with one gammy eye and an eating disorder. 986 more words


A Collection Of Dave Steven's Rocketeer Art

The Rocketeer has become a beloved character in the rich history of the American pulp genre. Creator, Dave Stevens claimed to not enjoy being an interior artist but preferred doing… 61 more words