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Day 8: Ode to the super hero underwear in my drawer

Who will I be today?

Batgirl, will it be you?
Strong and acrobatic
tricky and tenacious?

Wonder Woman, will it be you?
Strength beyond measure… 27 more words



This is me when I was 17….no though I looked a geek in them days..Brains from Thunderbirds I wasn’t. Though brains from knowing all sorts of useless information I definitely am. 115 more words

Ian Fullbrook


Why an exclamation point? Because it’s a knight! You see? I had to do it again. Knight! Knight, knight, knight! I was born a fantasy nerd, and I shall die a fantasy nerd. 66 more words

The Buzzards are Coming! The Buzzards are Coming!

Ready for Buzzard Day? Got your pile of varmint innards ready to welcome the return of the buzzards? Well, no, me neither. In our area, the “buzzards,” aka turkey vultures, stay year-round. 394 more words

Horror VHS as cultural artifact? Yale thinks so

Remember those VHS tapes at Blockbuster? (Heck, even remember Blockbuster?)

Remember walking along the aisles, checking out the flashy covers to find just the right one to scare your friends at your slumber party? 179 more words