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Live Long and Prosper

May you rest in peace. And for the rest of us, reflect on what Mr. Nimoy said in his last tweet:


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15 Minutes of Fame (again)

I’ve had a few chances at “fame” over the years. I appeared once on a local children’s program when I was in Kindergarten (with my whole class). 185 more words

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Reddit User Visits GRRM's Manuscript of A Dance with Dragons

Remember when I blogged about the George R. R. Martin archives at the Texas A&M University Libraries? Reddit user _honeybird visited the archives to look through the full manuscript of A Dance with Dragons and shared their findings, including photos and possible spoilers! 187 more words


A Bibliophile's Restyle: Geek Out (3) Martha Jones + Remix Looks, Week 3

Last month I Geeked Out about Rose Tyler. This month I’m continuing my closet Cosplay of the Doctor’s companions with Martha Jones, specifically her “girl who walked the Earth” look: 112 more words


Online Finds: Exoplanet Retro Travel Posters

NASA‘s Jet Propulsion Laboratory has released retro style travel posters for three confirmed exoplanets: Kepler-186f, HD 40307g and Kepler-16b:

So cool! They’ve also included little snippets of information on each planet in the poster write-ups. 45 more words


Year of the Sheep!

Happy Chinese New year! Welcome to the year of the sheep!

You might have seen this video 5 years ago, but I’m sharing it with you again since it’s pretty impressive.   18 more words

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Online Finds: Free Star Wars Valentine's Day Printables

For the SW nerd in your life: freebie Star Wars Valentine’s cards by Alecia!

Go check out Alecia’s site for more designs!

Note: I wasn’t paid or perked to mention this; just passing along a good thing. 9 more words