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Steampunk Tailor's Assistant Bracer

This leather tailor’s assistant bracer has it all for your steampunk costume first aid needs: replica vintage crane scissors, thimble, needle case with needles, pin cushion and five bobbins of thread. 60 more words

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Cross-Body Bags: Prototypes and Two OOAKs

My book bag project inspired me to try sewing cross-body bags. As usual, the first step is making prototypes to try out different fabrics and proportions. 133 more words

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Jesus Math

I started to write a separate post, but then I got caught up trying to explain the idea that Jesus is the pinnacle of role models, and it snowballed into a monstrously long digression. 537 more words


Fan-Made Black Widow Origins Trailer

Black Widow fans must be out in force: not only is there a great title sequence (by Christopher Haley) for an imagined Black Widow movie, a fantastic… 127 more words


A Bibliophile's Restyle: Geek Out (6) Clara Oswald

I’m wrapping up my closet Cosplay of the Doctor’s companions with current companion, Clara Oswald:Black and white top, black dressy shorts (sans tights, because, June), and heeled Oxfords: 29 more words


Censorship Through Shopping

Here’s what happened this week –> I became even more poor. Because, I needed these things from Japan.

  • Sakura-Gari, 2 / Watase Yuu

I have the first volume of this… and is there a third? 468 more words

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My Worldcon 2017 Site Selection Vote Is Away!

I’ve blogged before about volunteering my crafting skills for the Finnish fandom’s bid to bring Worldcon to Helsinki in 2017. (Find posts with the… 826 more words

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