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Lessons Learned from C2E2, Part 1

Hello friends! I am resting my feet at the moment because I just got back from Day 1 of C2E2 (Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo).  I’ve been going to this con for a few years now, because it’s local for me and because lots of writers and artists and other people I respect and whose work I enjoy are always there.   708 more words


I Missed the Memo...

When did LinkedIn and eHarmony merge? I must’ve missed the memo. It’s always nice to get these affirmations, but we’re the country that tends to procure mail-order brides, not the other way around… 55 more words

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Top Ten Female Comic Characters - 5 Through 1

Here we are – my (current) Top Five Female Comic Characters (that is a super clunky list title and I’m sorry about that).  You may have noticed that there are some traits and characteristics that will quickly endear a character to me – supporting other women, being pragmatic, being problem solvers, having flaws, but being smart about them.   796 more words


The Geek Show S06E15 - Me & My Giant Robot


When it comes to robots, does bigger mean better or are we simply fascinated by giant weapons? On this episode we decided to take a closer look at giant robots, so join us as we find out which robot would make the best friend and revisit the age-old argument about mechs versus robots.


The Geek Show S06E14 - Gemucon 2013 Special


On this episode the lovely Phil hosted a live show at this year’s GemuCon, and joining him behind the mics were some well-known (or notorious – the choice is yours), guest presenters in Ian Boulton, Jesse Cox, Dodger, TomSka and Lobster. 17 more words


The Geek Show S06E13 - Monsters


On this week’s episode we take a look at the weird and wonderful world of monsters – and although we try to avoid the usual vampires, werewolves and zombies they do turn up in the midst of the giant lizards/reptiles/squids/sharks/spiders/snakes/scorpions/apes, things from outer space or the bottom of swamps, dragons, etc. 27 more words