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5 Điều Nhắn Nhủ Dành Cho Những Sinh Viên Sắp Tốt Nghiệp

Mọi người ơi, vậy chỉ còn 3 tuần nữa là kì học của chúng ta sẽ kết thúc rồi đó Tự dưng mình thấy buồn cực kì ý vì chúng ta sắp phải chia tay rất nhiều gương mặt thân quen anh/chị đang học năm cuối tại George Brown College. 711 more words

Vanity thought #1304. Seeking our soul

I’m not talking about our souls as they are described by Kṛṣṇa in Bhagavad Gītā, I’m talking about a modern definition of the phrase. I’m not talking about our souls as individuals either, I’m talking about the soul of ISKCON as a society. 1,273 more words


Vanity thought #1303. Future uncertainties

Still on the topic of the imminent collapse of the existing world order. Perhaps I’m totally wrong about it and there will be no crash but two things are indisputable – there will be a crisis of some sorts, they always happen, and the current world order is unsustainable. 1,258 more words


A Missed-Steak


For this blog post I had to adhere to a “diet” regime for 7 days. I decided to restrict myself to a… 1,193 more words

Here's a Glimpse into the Concert


This here be the opening number for the Tunes, Tales, and Truths concert last week. It’s called Pirate Legends performed by our own Symphony Praise Orchestra. 37 more words


Why There Were Notes On The Page

One of the reasons these two concerts were possible was because of the tireless efforts of Jeff Boltinghouse – a member of the orchestra and one of my mentors in music. 133 more words


Day 12 Heya!

Dear God’s Best Choice,

Hi! How is it going? I haven’t talked with you in awhile. Are you good? Hoping that you are!

I am currently at school waiting for my next class when I suddenly thought of writing to you. 334 more words