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Quote for the new week - 4.7.15

But that’s only for girls!” – My 3 y-o daughter to my 7 y-o son

It would never occur to me to tell my daughter that “that’s for boys” if she wants to play football, wear pants, cut her hair, whatever. 226 more words


Happy July 4th From ManAboutWorld & Friends

We hope you are having a fun, safe, happy, healthy July 4th with your kith and kin. We also hope you keep traveling all year round. 143 more words

Ed Salvato

Joseph Thompson & The Affair He Wanted

In a brief email he proclaims his love for me:

Don’t feel stupid. I assumed we were on the same page and if I didn’t like our past 6 months or so of interaction, I would have said so. 580 more words

New Mexico

The State of America Part II!

You are probably asking yourself, “Did I miss Part 1?”. Nay you did not! It’s HERENow that you’re back from reading some Miss America Chavez goodness, I say to you all Happy Fourth of July! 133 more words

Debauched Trinity Church, Dublin, and others.

Anyone else astonished at what you see going on?  Anyone else shocked at the stunning denial of God’s order and Truth amongst those who claim to be God’s people? 432 more words


Where were you?

There’s been a lot of talk about politics these days. I’ve been known to have a strong opinion or two, but this time I feel like a minority in the Christian world. 465 more words

Biblical Living