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Make GrĂ¡ The Law

I’m crossing my fingers in hope that today the citizens of Ireland made history and changed the constitution in our country to legalise same sex marriage. 95 more words


A Late Night Phone Call

Trevor called me yesterday–his voice was as smooth as silk and it dripped with honey.

“Trevor, I haven’t really been expecting a call from you,” I said as I laid back on my bed and stared up at the ceiling. 336 more words

Black Men

I'm Back

When I created this blog, I was extremely influenced by the movie Ask Me Anything. I thought about nothing other than wowo that’s cool I should do something like that. 510 more words


Is This What They Call Christian Love?

What do Christians allow? From what I’ve been seeing, it’s all the wrong things. Being gay is supposedly a sin. It is love between two consenting adults that doesn’t involve anybody outside of their relationship, but it’s deemed as horrible by Christians. 507 more words

She's NOT all that

So…I’ve found out this girl that I’ve been obsessed about is moving in already with this new guy. This means she could potentially stay in this city for good. 230 more words

Look who joined club ink! Zack is now officially a tat man. If you know Zack, his choice of a nautilus shell should come as no surprise. 47 more words