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Candidate Evaluations: Rick Santorum

The list of presidential candidates has expanded again–Rick Santorum has decided to join the mess. This forces me to return to the Candidate Evaluations series, where we examine a US presidential candidate’s background, policy history, and explicit statements in an attempt to figure out whether the candidate would actually be any good at being president, rather than focusing on electability or likeability, as is common in the mainstream press. 661 more words


Yes, Mr. Rubio, That's True

Marco Rubio says if you’re against gay marriage it gets you labeled as homophobic. Yep.

Just like back in the 60s, when you used religion to try to justify and rationalize being against equal rights, you got labeled a bigot. 101 more words

Conservative Politics

Federal MP for Herbert backs Gay marriage

Federal MP for Herbert Ewen Jones

By Jennine West

In the wake of an announcement by the ALP to push a bill to legalize same sex marriage, Federal MP Ewen Jones has announced his support of a change to the legislation on marriage, blaming Jesus for his decision.   262 more words


The GOP's Race To The Right Is On

There was a time when the positions held by today’s GOP were considered extreme and inhabited the outer right-wing boundaries of the party.  Yet with each election cycle what was once considered the Republican right-wing fringe has come to represent the Republican mainstream.   633 more words


“We employ over 200,000 people in this company, and we want to embrace diversity — of all kinds.”

Since when is embracing diversity anti-Christian?? NO ONE IS ATTACKING YOUR RELIGION. 18 more words

Social Work

A carefully curated wall of light and positivity.

Wow this is great! So eloquently put. Evanna Lynch (the actress who plays Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter films) wrote what is essentially an essay schooling homophobic followers and banishing them from her social profiles. 69 more words