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Genetically Perfect

If you had the opportunity, would you ensure you child is the perfect human? That everlasting need for perfection, would it drive you to make sure your child would reach success, and overall no personal drive, ability to be an individual and find themselves on their own? 286 more words

Dangerous Ideas

Good Kill drowns its moral message on drone war with too much exposition -- a film review

There’s nothing wrong with morally conscious movies. The problem arrives when morality overshadows character development and overtakes narrative. Good Kill is one of those films that drowns its drama with its own good intentions. 1,166 more words

would you design your child?

We have just finished watching the 1998 sci-fi Gattaca film in class and had a group discussion on whether or not we would –if available– genetically enhance our future children whilst they are in the womb. 660 more words

Profile Response - Taylor Whitworth and Tylor Hess

Taylor Whitworth is a Research Associate at Evidera, a consulting firm that provides health economics, outcomes research, market access, data analytics and epidemiology services to large pharmaceutical companies. 1,739 more words


Why are we OK with one gene manipulation study, but not another?

Last week a huge stir was caused when Nature reported on a Chinese paper which described a new technique which could be used to alter the genes in a developing human embryo. 483 more words



The Task: Watch and write about every movie on my shelf, in order (Blu-rays are sorted after DVDs), by June 10, 2015.  Remaining movies: 68  807 more words


Editors Needed For Work on the Human Genome.

But only if you’re a genetic engineer. NY Times recently posted an article about Chinese scientists attempting to edit the genes of 85 non-viable human embryos (defective ones) and the problems they faced, the biggest being that they were not successful. 397 more words