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The Cat, The bat and the farmer

Marrying a farmer has many adventures, living and working together can lead for some interesting times and conversations. Fitting into the farming life for me has been interesting, I can help with most things and do lots but there are things I can’t do.  726 more words

Daily Blog

He was a rich man. With more mystery behind him than most. He throws extravagant parties in hopes to attract the only person in life whom he’s felt a loving connection with. 28 more words

He was a rich man, whose wealth was not for him. His love and desire drove him mad for the one he could not have. He lost his mind and could not think outside the box she had trapped him in. 22 more words

A medal from Montenegro was not enough. He did not feel worthy enough after all that he had accomplished.  The medals, the cars, the house, the clothes would never suffice. 25 more words

He was rich. He was elegant. He was know. He tried so hard to get her back but someone was in the way of their love. 33 more words

He was know for his richest and wildest activities, but was a man who only illusioned a life of a family. He figured life was a connection for the women he fell for, but was easily drowned by the seduction that came along. 21 more words

Rich man, wanted by many, yet only wants one. Owns everything. Would give it all to the love of his life just to see her happy. 40 more words