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Osama the HR Guru

I never would have thought to look to the late Osama bin Laden for job interview tips. I should have.

An acknowledged master of jihad and blowing up things, bin Laden has revealed a certain gift for HR in newly unclassified documents gathered by Navy Seals when they raided his house and killed him. 394 more words

Gary Conkling

Westwood Mayor Birkner ready to fight local Dem "coup", "confident" of victory

WESTWOOD – Westwood Mayor John Birkner Jr. might have been removed from the party line last month, but the Democratic incumbent is ready to fight back in the June primary. 487 more words

Bergen Dem Chairman Stellato on Westwood Dems: "I will never go against any municipal committee's wishes"

WESTWOOD – While there may be dissension among Westwood Democrats as to who their mayoral candidate should be in the fall, the Bergen Democrats’ undisputed overlord is committed to staying away from the fray. 365 more words

Letting Your Big Mind Dominate Your Small Mind

Solving a problem is greatly aided by a big-minded approach instead of a small-minded one. Small minds tend to focus on obstacles to overcome. Big minds see opportunities that leap over obstacles. 424 more words

Gary Conkling

In Westwood mayor's race, BCRO Chairman Yudin calls for GOP write-in candidate

WESTWOOD – An opportunity for Bergen Republicans to pick up a mayoral seat in Westwood in the aftermath of disturbances among local Democrats can still be gained if the local Westwood GOP puts pen to paper, according to Bergen County Republican Organization (BCRO) Chairman Bob Yudin. 290 more words

Reflections on Mother's Day

None of us would be here without mothers, and most of us wouldn’t be who we are without the influence of our mothers.

Even though Mother’s Day is a commercial invention to see greeting cards, flowers and kitchen appliances, it is still an important day to reflect on motherhood. 576 more words

Gary Conkling

Changing Minds on the Stoop

Polarization has increased on controversial social issues. Some wonder how to find common ground. Liberal political operatives are demonstrating how to change minds.

As explored by Ira Glass in his “This American Life” radio show, the technique involves an age-old, tried-and-true political tactic – going door to door to talk to people. 374 more words

Gary Conkling