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imperfect circles ii

Still warming up for Index Card A Day. Looser and tighter at the same time with the drawing. Don’t know why the eyeballed skeleton showed up.

Index Card A Day warmup twofer

Here are two warmups for the upcoming I.C.A.D. project. Though their subject matters are different, they share an odd compositional similarity.

Fun fact: the sigil of the International Flag of Earth is interlocking circles, white on bright blue, designed to be visual both Earthside and in space.



the trouble with the robert frost
“two roads diverged…” encyclical
is that the two roads are just two.
in real life, it’s so complex: 119 more words

Index-Card Tribute to Jack Kirby

There’s a group on Facebook that is revving up for a two-month stretch of daily artwork on an index card. This is known as the I.C.A.D. 116 more words

Day Vid LETTER Man

The last Letterman aired tonight. Most of this page was done during the show, but I wasn’t quite done when the show was, so I kept going till 11:59 PM. 79 more words

Mad Men: the Punchline

I just finished watching the climactic conclusion to MAD MEN, which has been hyped to pieces and made the capstone to a binge-watching marathon. I trust it won’t spoil things for those who haven’t yet viewed it to say that I hope that the Coca-Cola Company paid through the nose for what must be the ultimate Product Placement. 114 more words

All-Caps ART--and It's Mine All Mine!

Here, as Paul Harvey used to say, is The Rest of the Story regarding my transaction with Rachelle Olsen (see last post). Rachelle and I got together at the Clarendon Hotel in central Phoenix, where she was displaying at a phenomenal exhibition called ARTELPHX 2015. 118 more words