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Learning the Saxophone, part 4 (Jam Session)

Here is a sketching jam session of sorts, done while riffling through the history of jazz. A serendipitous find: Gary Frommer, the drummer my parents picked up hitchhiking one fateful night and later decided to name their unborn child after, was once part of a Stan Getz combo! Small world . . .

Learning the Saxophone, part 3

If March goes well, it will be chock-full of drawings of saxophones and jazz combos and portraits of major jazz musicians. In that spirit I kicked off March with a drawing of a saxophone of a friend of mine. 24 more words

Learning the Saxophone, part 2 (IWY)

There’s this great Bob Dylan song whose title is repeated four times in its forthright chorus, thus:

I Want You
I Want You
I Want You… 179 more words

the horse fakerer

Today I tried drawing a horse without looking at a horse. I kept using drawing-trickery to disguise my ignorance of horse anatomy–then a Yiddish word popped into my head that I’d seen in Philip Roth’s PORTNOY’S COMPLAINT and also Herman Wouk’s YOUNGBLOOD HAWKE. 48 more words

from more than half a life ago

from more than half a life ago
some artifacts remain and so
they raise me up and lay me low

an uncle and his nieces sit… 181 more words

Delightful Tying of the Tarot Loose End

Once upon a time in the late 70s, a classmate of mine brought a few of her Persian friends to the house I was raised in. 734 more words

Learning the Saxophone (part 1)

For reasons that will be explained in a future post, I’ve begun to be immersed in the world of jazz, focusing on the tenor saxophone. The above title refers to a VISUAL learning, and not learning to play, though I’ve got a little background in clarinet and have sometimes daydreamed about taking up the sax. 74 more words