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no fire in the belly right now but some rumblings

there was a writers conference at phoenix college yesterday… 120 more words

The Emma Thompson Project (6 of 6)

It is no longer Emma Thompson’s birthday in England. It is barely still her birthday here. I wish her many happy returns of the day, and I thank her for so many extraordinary performances, for her heart on her sleeve, and for being her age (56 now) and being it in style. I love you, Emma!

Emma Thompson -- sidebar

Tomorrow is a special day. The Emma Thompson Project, Segment 6 of 6, will be published. I will then move on to other matters, and the magnificent Ms. 154 more words

The Emma Thompson Project (5 of 6)

This time round the artist tried too hard. The elusive likeness was approached, lost, briefly glimpsed, and lost again. Finally a little confidence was gained, strangely enough, when the cause was seen as lost and there was nothing to lose.

The Emma Thompson Project (4 of 6)

Today I fought impatience, clumsiness, and the distraction of the 3rd round of the PGA Master’s tournament, alternating between study-sketches of Emma Thompson with her costars Dustin Hoffman and Sir Anthony Hopkins, and Emma Thompson with three other Emma Thompsons. 49 more words

Kate & Her Pop

Long ago a little girl and her dad sang a song to the tune of the theme of “Animaniacs,” a popular cartoon of the time: 124 more words

The Emma Thompson Project (3 of 6)

Here is a pose that is challenging–a sort of one-eighth-profile-from-below-with-a-twist-of-open-mouth–but the photographer (sorry to say I haven’t found the photo source) knew what she or he was doing: Thompson’s exuberant joy and optimism are well showcased. 114 more words