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"boy" and "kite" and "wind"

“boy” and “kite” and “wind”

kite: lightwood doweling, rice paper, rice glue, string
wind: out of the northwest, 3-7mph, some gusts

a pilgrim represented as a boy… 116 more words

love in ten lines

Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.” –Robert A. Heinlein

My friend from the Philippines, Marlyn Exconde, just challenged me, thus: 132 more words

farewell o farewell

farewell o farewell

though an atheist and nonbeliever in the hereafter
isaac asimov titled the chapter in his autobiography
that detailed his father judah’s death… 115 more words

tin dialogue, spring 2028

a: they are pigs
b: any of various mammals of family suidae?
a: no
b: peace officer, derogatorily?
a: no. but there is overlap… 85 more words

Stan Getz, takes 3 and 4

Here are two similar takes on the Getz near-profile. There will be one more before the final image is  done.

An unintended effect, probably due to the lighting but possibly due to the tablet that took the picture, is the horizontal striping–might induce nostalgia with anyone who was watching television in the 50s or 60s. Late afternoon venetian blind shadows…

The Last Sax Key Study

My friend, the poet Victoria H. (the H is silent), kindly loaned me a saxophone she had at her house. It helped, getting my hands on a real sax and pressing some of the keys. 63 more words

Kenny Barron(s) and a Sax Section

I’d just finished the Stan Getz bio, and, looking for more Getz/Saxism, I looked on the magazine rack of the Burton Barr Phoenix Public Library where I’d returned the book (STAN GETZ: A LIFE IN JAZZ) for Down Beat Magazine. 91 more words