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Peter Pan

Peter Pan is a dwarf Agapanthus.  Their buds do look like a pointed Peter Pan cap.

They bend and straighten as they prepare to bloom. 46 more words


Calcutta Cabbies #2.

This is one cab driver, to travel in whose car I’d even brave the 45 degree heat!

Presenting Dhananjay aka Bapi’s cab!

As reported by The Telegraph… 264 more words



Okay, I admit it. I’ve gotten little to no writing done this week due to distractions. Yup, it was one of those weeks, where anything that could interrupt writing time can and did. 537 more words


Flowery Friday.

Tulips in the sunshine at Stanley Park, Calgary.  

I hope you have an amazing weekend!  What is on your to-do list?  


The Herb Cemetery 

I have managed to turn my herb garden into a cemetery. Now how did I do that?! Oh I don’t know..maybe by sticking those crosses made out of popsickle sticks into the soil. 233 more words

500 lb Missouri Man who is running a 5k a month!! And a Garden Update

Runner’s World has the best articles.  Really.  They are informative and uplifting, and there’s hardly any bad news.  My favorite article today is this one: … 482 more words


I'm Going to Shoot You in the Ass with That Gun

Well, the dumb traps are still here and still working but not catching what we have them for. Let’s see.. To date we have caught: 442 more words