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Spring Decor Yard Art Sculpture by Recycled Salvage Design

“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.”

—Albert Einstein —

Recycled Salvage Design

Selective Focus: a "Bug's Eye View"

I can (and will) whine endlessly about the low light of my day at the Butterfly Conservatory, but without it – I most definitely would not have had me aperture set to f/3.5 and I would never have gotten this shot.   38 more words


Weird Image Wednesday: pitchfork bottle tree

There are many community events on WordPress – some established, others being added all the time. Events can be fun, inspiring, thought-provoking or scary – they almost always prompt you to do something slightly out of your comfort zone. 186 more words


Red Hibiscus

I need some vibrant colors in my life to counteract the grey of dirty snow.   Hibiscus fits the bill – it is bright, tropical and oh so very tasty in tea and vodka infusions.


blooming in winter

This is my lemon tree. It lives in a pot, spring, summer & fall, it sits in the sun on my deck. Winter, it lives in my living room. 6 more words


Insects are Weird

I mean, really, have you looked at those bug eyes lately?  Thankfully with my macro lens and a few butterflies that were willing to stand still for the shot, I have gotten a good chance to.   69 more words


Butterflies and Textures

When I walked into the butterfly conservatory, I knew that I was putting my photography skills to the test.   It’s February and New England so of course the day was overcast (bright cloudy but overcast none the less) and I knew from experience that the greenhouse would diffuse the light even more.   166 more words