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Latest PC games

As most geeks spend some of their downtime with video games, I’ve been playing a few titles here and there. Since my son usually has the helm of the TV and the Xbox, I occupy myself with PC titles for the most part, with the occasional mobile game on Android. 399 more words


Opening Roll

Yes, I’ve let this site sit for a while. Just haven’t been gaming with any regularity lately, but I’m working on making that change. The sooner the better. 105 more words


Job Simulator, One of the First SteamVR Games Announced

Watch one of the first games coming to Valve’s SteamVR and learn how "to job."

from IGN Video Games http://ift.tt/1wH4RnO


State of the Game: Death is Permanent

I played a few different games this week, but the majority of my time was spent with League of Legends, Diablo III, and a few assorted console titles. 924 more words


TTIFRY Feminists, #Gamergate, and Labor Costs

I. For those of you have been living under rock and/or doing something with your life, there’s actually been a whole controversy going on for the past six months known under the hashtag #gamergate. 1,568 more words


#21 Zelda: A Link To The Past

Last time I played this was in the mid 90s and I remembered it as AMAZING. After playing it now I would say that it is amazing…no caps. 90 more words

Act III- Preparations and snags

Hello Listeners Nyxy here with the latest installment of our Holy and the Fallen arc. In this cast part of our gang prepare for a journey to save our youngest member from an evil being. 180 more words

Vampire The Masquerade