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Just a Game

Games are activities that are meant to played. The purpose of a game is to compete against an opponent (whether it be a person, a team, or a thing). 348 more words


Breaking news! Warhammer Ninth Edition!

This is going to be real quick and sweet.  Warhammer 9th edition has officially been unofficially leaked! There is lots of talk on the internet saying “its going to be horrible and the worst thing to ever happen to Warhammer.” However, I believe this might be the anchor to a whole new system that is going to be great fun and fast paced combat with some kick ass new models.   22 more words


This Version of Mario is so Unreal

A developer named Aryoksini recently uploaded a video of Mario wondering around in a world built from the Unreal Engine. The results are fantastic. It’s interesting to see a mush more realistic take on Mario. 47 more words


Broken Games

Releasing Broken games

With the recent release of the long awaited Batman Arkham Knight, the game was showered with critical acclaim. However, rather than smelling like roses developer Rocksteady are smelling more like manure, well, at least to PC gamers anyway. 945 more words


Super Mario 3D World (WiiU)

   (potential spoilers ahead!)

   My boyfriend and I started playing this game a while back as we both really enjoy gaming and this was one of the few games we have that gives us the chance to play together. 428 more words


The Gift of Words

For the longest amount of time, my two favorite words of all time were “ephemeral” and “clairvoyant.” Those are just two words that are extremely gorgeous to me. 450 more words

Real Life