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Cities Skylines: Review

City Skylines, the best city builder I’ve ever played. Since I played sim city 2000 a while ago I always enjoyed a good city builder, but there is not a lot out there. 695 more words


Attitudes: Gaming console's.

Remember watching American teen films and the little brother, of the good-looking main actress,  was like 2 years younger than her and was also a “geek”. 1,161 more words


Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor - Game Longing

This is not a game review as I have never played the actual game.  This is my description of my longing for the game.

There are plenty of good reasons for this game winning the Game Developers Choice Award for Game of the Year 2014.   406 more words


Back Talk with Sharona - Gamer Girls Rule Edition

Thirsty for more talk radio? Think you can handle the truth? Tune in as Sharona talks women in gaming, the gaming industry, and how gamer girls rule the world. 45 more words

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Ziost story impression and disappointments

Recently I’ve got to go through the second part of the Ziost story, on my Sage. And so far I like what Bioware did storywise. But I can’t help to feel like it lacked in content. 730 more words


Dead Island 2 delayed...

Which means it might actually be made to a serviceable level of quality.