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Sunday Gaming: Uncharted 3

Sunday Gaming is a series of online gaming sessions that I organise with a group of YouTubers. We play some multiplayer games together once a month and this month we played some Uncharted 3 on the Playstation 3. 107 more words


Our First Official Post!

Welcome to CrazyBots!

We are currently a team of two crazy people sharing things that we enjoy! We hope that you will enjoy them as much as us and become a daily reader of our blog! 75 more words


This Is the Golden Age of Indie Game Art

When I was about 13 years old, I was among the small army of white boys who wanted to be a game developer. So I taught myself C++ and started building simple game engines when I ran into a problem I’ve mostly avoided my whole life: I was a totally incapable artist. 2,128 more words

TL;DR: SHOCKING interview with League of Legends developer on patch 5.4

TL;DR: “Bard is just an AoE Zhonya’s on a recycled Blitzcrank skin. … We sold 2 million Warden Nautilus skins, why even bother with game balance.” 12 more words


Assassin's Creed Online!

When I think of online gaming, rarely do I think of anything but locking and loading, fast paced shooting and people cursing repeatedly over the microphone. 181 more words


GameOn Party Night - Mario Kart 8 - Part Two

Its time for another GameOn Party Night!

Jeff, Shay, Roger and Blaze team up for another game night, as they take on party games, fighting games, and anything else that all four of them can play at the exact same time. 145 more words