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It's Time for a PODCAST!

One thing I wanted to do for awhile now is some sort of podcast. Well, I went hunting on the internet for co-hosts and did it! 148 more words


Guest Post: I Am A Girl Gamer Feat. FeatherCharm

 Pewdiepie, Cinnamon Toast Ken, Markiplier, Cry. What do these gamers have in common? They are all men. Don’t get us wrong, we have nothing but love for these wonderful guys but we appreciate girl gamers as well (girl power woo!). 613 more words


Games Pundits Should Try Not to Discuss Big Issues

Since the late 2000s punditry in gaming has been on the rise. Starting on blogs then, at the beginning of this decade, it transformed both in popularity and in volume on YouTube and has most recently spilled over on to Twitch. 255 more words


Ponyfinder Episode 4: The Siege of Cowpenhagen

Listen to Ponyfinder Episode 4

Hey all, sorry for the wait. The cable I use to transfer recordings to my computer from the recording device broke and I had to wait for a new one to come in >.< 202 more words


MGLSF - Mass Effect re-run through

This weekend I took the decision to start playing through the mass effect series all over again. I haven’t quite decided whether I am going to play through each of the DLC’s for each version. 232 more words


Tales from Meetup

My experience with Meetup.com – AKA: the adventures of being ostracized in a public gathering.

First, a little bit of back story… Meetup.com is a site where people in a certain spot on this vast planet can decide to make a virtual group – usually themed – which allows any other person in the area to join up. 1,233 more words

Draw My Feels

Orclahoma Bowl/Spiky Cup 2015... The Aftermath

OK, so Orclahoma Bowl/Spiky Cup weekend was two weeks ago and I am just now getting around to posting about how things went. What can I say? 624 more words

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