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Serious Games - Benefits And Techniques To Education In Games

Having education in games can benefit society enormously, and it should be easy seeing as instinct to play is hardwired into us. We instinctively play to learn. 425 more words


The Power of Competition

In school, I hated competitive games and sports.  I wasn’t a big fan of losing, which is what usually happened to me or the team I was on.   618 more words


Gamification for the WIN …and bad DataViz for the LOSS

Achieving a Business Goal with Gamification

LinkedIn determined that to be successful, it needed rich profile information (among other things I’m sure). To attack this issue, they implemented a profile completeness meter. 601 more words


Pixel Art - Responsive Objects

Very cool project that I found while searching for the LED screens to order for my prototype.

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Market Research

Using the Bartle Test to Gamify Your Life

A few years ago, at the behest of a friend of mine, I took the Bartle Test of Gamer Psychology. Naturally, I didn’t think that an online test to judge my “gamer psyche” would be valid, nor did I think, contrary to what I had been told, that I would learn anything that I could use to positively impact myself or my students. 924 more words


How Games Saved my Classroom

In the many years that I’ve been involved in gaming, I haven’t ever really immersed myself in the community. I’ve lurked, I’ve commented a few times, and I’ve been to physical meetups and conventions, but I think that cyber-shyness has prevented me from really stepping out. 818 more words



Gamification is the new buzzword in education these days. Gamification is taking video games, and creating a curriculum around them. This is a new and fun way to change up your everyday curriculum and engage students in a different way. 370 more words

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