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People who have not heard the term “gamification” before perceive it to be about games but this is inaccurate. In order to address this misperception, Deterding and his team researched the various uses of gamification and came up with a definition that states gamification as “the use of game design elements in non-game contexts.” (Deterding et al.) We can see from this definition that gamification distinguishes itself from games by implying that while games are for fun without real world implication but gamification has implications in the real world. 2,317 more words

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A guy walked along the beach and bumped into a bottle. He bent to pick it up and cleaned it from the sand that covered it.  368 more words

Flight Simulators for Creative Learning

Last week I accepted delivery of the flight simulators we will use in the Academy of Aerospace and Engineering: seven Edustation flight simulators, made in Waterbury, Connecticut by a company called… 339 more words


Current state of Gamification in the LMS Market

Imagine you are looking at a pinball machine.  It is your favorite machine. You see that Steve has more points than you, but ZZERAF is just slightly below you (and you wonder who is that person?).  1,683 more words


CEP 813: First Minecraft Experience

Over the last few days, I have spent a few introductory hours exploring a Minecraft world created using a MSU MinecraftEDU server. My previous experience involves watching students play Minecraft and listening to them talk about Minecraft, but I have never played myself. 42 more words


Main Yuksss!

“Tono, jangan main terus, belajar sana!”

(Saat itu Tono sedang bermain menggunakan permainan papan (board game) ‘ular tangga’, sambil menghitung jumlah dadu, dan menggerakkan pionnya dari titik angka awal sampai ke titik angka yang sesuai dengan jumlah dadunya) 590 more words




Here’s a secret: we can do more by doing less, and the pain does not necessarily mean the gain.

In business, all possible ideas and actions are mapped against two factors: the potential impact (output) and the input (or effort) required to implement the action. 

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