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5 Questions to Ask About Gamification


The term gamification refers to “the use of game design elements in non-game contexts.” (Deterding et al.) The non-game contexts imply that gamification is different than games and can be applied to society, business, technology and individuals at various levels. 421 more words


Can Gamification Help Give e-learners total recall?

One of the biggest problems that e-learning content creators must overcome is the lack of learner recall. If e-learners walk away from a system with poor levels of recall and limited embedded learning, then the value and effectiveness of any e-learning solution will be called into question. 472 more words

Creating a game to do entire research project (RBDR 7.6.2015)

Today on RBDR: Research Through Gaming Ltd. CEO Betty Adamou explains her innovative, user friendly, enjoyable research entirely relies on a customized gaming format and requires no supplementary project work. 61 more words

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Next Steps in Gaming

I’ve outlined a number of ways to get into gaming your classroom. While these have applied to my teacher education courses, the general principles can be utilized across contexts. 466 more words


The inner artificial life of a cell, a game proposal

The  inner life of a cell is an excellent, but passive window

It is also scripted according to usual human expectations: synchronous moves, orchestrated reactions at a large scale. 423 more words



People who have not heard the term “gamification” before perceive it to be about games but this is inaccurate. In order to address this misperception, Deterding and his team researched the various uses of gamification and came up with a definition that states gamification as “the use of game design elements in non-game contexts.” (Deterding et al.) We can see from this definition that gamification distinguishes itself from games by implying that while games are for fun without real world implication but gamification has implications in the real world. 2,317 more words

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Math In the Summer

Unexpected Email

This was waiting for me in my Inbox recently; along with the message:

Mrs.N LOOK !!!!!!!!!

Now, this may not look like a big deal, or that the student was playing a game and beat it, but when you look deeper; it’s a big deal.

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