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High School, Unintentionally Queer Spaces, Usability

HSS is a great game for a ton of reasons. If you’re not familiar, it’s a mobile high school simulation game where a young man or woman – you – has decided to open their own high school when they’re dissatisfied with the culture of the other local high school. 895 more words


Come watch an amazing Eve: Valkyrie trailer, 'filmed' in Virtual Reality

This trailer for Eve: Valkyrie premiered at Fanfest in Iceland today, and it brought the house down. As is the custom for trailers during Fanfest, they played it twice. 156 more words


Stopping Entitlement & The Arbitrary Security

This is one of those posts that I may regret writing in a few months. It is more of a plan than a post, and a plan I intend to sell with significant confidence. 891 more words

Tech Integration

The Big G of Games

A few weeks ago I attended a webinar where James Gee presented on the Big G of games. It is always a pleasure to listen to James Gee and consider the aspects of gaming that he unpacks. 356 more words


6 interessanti strategie di Gamification per chi pubblica contenuti

AICEX : Proviamo a pensare quanto alcuni concetti di Gamification siano importanti nella preparazione e pubblicazione di contenuti. 

Hi guys! Continuing our big week of guest posts today is Brianne Walters who is writing on the fascinating subject of… 835 more words


Want to be More Productive at Work? Treat your Job like a Game.

Productivity has always been a hot topic in the workplace – how can you work smarter, better, and faster? As a result of the myriad distractions presented by our constantly-connected world, however, the discussion’s never been more intense. 998 more words