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The Ultimate Search for Jason Bourne... Let's play!

En 2007 se estrenaba The Bourne Ultimatum, la última película que formaba parte de la trilogía que contaba las aventuras de Jason Bourne, un ex-agente de la CIA que continúa buscando su identidad y las claves del programa secreto en el que se vio sumergido.   290 more words

Gamification in Recruitment - Article in Review

Article in Review:

Gamification in hiring

The article above gives an interesting insight on how gamification can be used in recruitment. One of the metrics in an effective recruitment strategy is that the process yields top talent for the company but still at a low-cost.

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Article In Review

Recruiting, Gamification, and Your Resume

On Wednesday, Yuki Noguchi’s story “Recruiting Better Talent With Brain Games And Big Data” aired on NPR’s Morning Edition. Aside from reviewing resumes and conducting a series of interviews, some companies are now trying out behavioral science-based games to evaluate the cognitive and emotional traits of potential candidates. 316 more words

Resume Writing

Why education needs to shift from conformity to diversity

I won’t bother you with the same old story that educational principles of more than 100 years ago are still being used in schools today. That has been told a zillion times. 556 more words

Learning Styles

Learning Unintentionally vs. Stopping to Learn

One way to make a distinction between learning strategies is: 1) the learner is unaware of the topics she is learning; 2) underlining the topics, making sure that the learner knows what the learning goal at hand is. 339 more words


Inner child

Be honest and admit that you secretly want nothing more than just once again jump in a big ball pit like a little child. Unfortunately, in most playground we are not allowed to come in because of our age and height – except in London. 65 more words