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I attended a Virtual Human Resources Training Conference last week that was offered by the Office of Personnel Management. I don’t currently work as an HR specialist, but I am trying to stay as looped in as possible so that I can eventually find my way back into the HR fold. 311 more words


Boogiespot Part 1: An accidental introduction to customer engagement & loyalty

When LOKE was founded some 5 years ago it’s initial purpose was as a supplier of Internet marketing services to small businesses, focusing primarily on search. 538 more words


I'm Gamifying Learning Goals with help from the MTBoS

On Thursday night I was up until about 11 pm – far past my normal weeknight bedtime – working on finishing some grading as midquarter grades were being posted the next day. 497 more words

The idea of HEALTHINAR

We are proud to present HEALTHINAR. The idea of our start-up project is to expand your know-how of digital communication & marketing for hospitals. We are based in Zurich, Switzerland but will operate worldwide – digital nomads, bound to no location. 41 more words

Design Thinking

Release | Serious gamification

Roth, S. (2015), Serious gamification. On the redesign of a popular paradoxGames and Culture, online first, doi:10.1177/1555412015581478 . Online first version available for download… 157 more words


What about games in academic libraries?

Reading up on the subject of games in academic institutions

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