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Extra Credits - Gamification

A couple of days ago I gave you all a crash course on what gamification is and some basics of how to implement it. Today I’d like to continue that crash course by introducing you all to… 135 more words


Instant replays. Or, 'How to stop your students asking the same question over and over again'.

Over the past few weeks of running the Facebook page for ReForge.education, I discovered a very interesting fact. So far, every single person who has ‘liked’ the Facebook page has done so via a mobile device. 1,175 more words


What is 'Gamification' and why your classroom needs it

We’re 5 posts in to ReForge now and amazingly I still haven’t written a post about gamification. That’s a major oversight when you consider this website is predominantly meant to be… 1,302 more words


Gamification in Education

Dr. Z and I were talking to our Director of IT this morning about the gamification of education and our return to focusing on ludology in the classroom.  143 more words

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The difference in impact between running a gamification program and a competition

It often seems a good idea to use Rise simply to run competitions. Of course this makes sense, a leaderboard after all, derives its name and history from its use within competitions. 390 more words


Game-Based Curriculum in Higher Ed

Kelly Walsh’s follow up article to Jane Wolff.  Written a few years ago, but definitely worth reading.


The Suburban Professor~ A sociology and psychology professor who has committed to teaching his classes using aliens, zombies, comic book heroes, and technology.  51 more words

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Gamification of Education and Its Benefits

Dr. Z and I were hashing some things out today and we started talking again about our desire to move to more gamification in our classes.  167 more words

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