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Sunday Loot: Top Tweets From This Week + Bonus

Happy Sunday, friends! We started the week off with an open call for new submissions, tackling a few reoccurring questions you’ve had about our process. 882 more words

Women In Gaming

#SupportSmallStreams! It's Time to Boost Let's Players With Inclusive Communities

A few days ago, we received an interesting anonymous ask through our Tumblr account that ultimately gave us pause.

It’s no secret that the Let’s Play community at large has  1,046 more words


Trigger Warning: Sensitivity Is Necessary 100% of the Time, No Exceptions

It goes without saying that a post about trigger warnings is going to need a trigger warning, so please consider this your trigger warning for the following: mentions of sexual violence, swearing, verbal abuse, neuroatypical shaming, and misogynist slurs. 1,383 more words


Enjoying the Problematic?

“It’s both possible, and even necessary, to simultaneously enjoy media while also being critical of its more problematic or pernicious aspects”

This is Ria Jenkins… 1,778 more words


Transistor - Introduction: The Parallels with Bastion and The (Un)Importance of Canon

Header image by Jen Zee.

Let’s get this out of the way immediately: I loved Transistor. No, like, loved. Every aspect of it not only works as it should, but is extraordinary in its own right: the soundtrack, the visual style, the characters, the plot, the storytelling, the dynamic, adjustable difficulty, the combat and several design decisions around it that favour experimentation within its incredibly flexible system. 2,470 more words


Piss Weasel Mode Unlocked!

When the hashtag first popped up in my Twitter timeline, I was mildly intrigued. I drift in and out of keeping an eye on games industry news depending on what I’m working on and whether I think it’ll help or hinder, so my first thought was that #GamerGate was something to do with a game that had failed to deliver in some way. 931 more words

Video Games

Gamers vs. Academics: Was GTA: San Andreas Racist?

David J. Leonard has written about the issues surrounding a predominantly white industry producing games like GTA, which he claims re-inscribe stereotypes of African American males as criminal and violent (e.g. 1,264 more words