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Sony & Nintendo's Super System That Never Was

Remember when Sony and Nintendo shook up the world with the Playstation???


Me either but it ALMOST happened.

There’s a whole Reddit thread about it. Check it out.

Source: Reddit


The Perfect Killer

Wow. THIS.

This is who most people think they are when they do something cool in games.

We’re not even close.

Source: Polygon, Youtube


A new experience every time you play

Hi there!

I always liked games which give you different experiences while you are playing, so I added few different types of gameplays in mine. At the moment I have 4 planet categories and inside each one could have variations: 179 more words


Прикольный троль

Встретил вчера прикольного тролля в Ведьмаке ) Вот чем меня радует придуманный Сапковским мир – такие гхм… субъекты вполне адекватно в него вписываются, не вызывая какого-то особого фейспалма )))


Dogs stealing cat beds

Good morning kitties! After a wonderful day of fun our new kitty plant was mysteriously removed last night. No explanation was given by the humans, they just came in with brushes and mops, danced around for a while and then took away our plant. 85 more words



One of the worst feelings is getting into a game and then realizing how much it sucks, but you can’t quit because it will ruin it for everyone else so you just have to hope you lose soon.



Summer, a perfect time for kids to be outdoors and socializing with their peers. When I was a young girl, outdoors was our place for entertainment. 80 more words

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