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The Success of Bloodborne is a Breath of Fresh Air

It isn’t news to anyone that Bloodborne is officially the newest gaming sensation. Thousands of gamers on twitch.tv are not only streaming the game, but also streaming a continuous strand of profanity as they fight the nightmarish creatures of Yharnam. 407 more words


Sony Releases Promised Updates for the PS4

Since the Playstation 4 has come to market, Sony has promised the suspend/resume feature and now the long awaited day has arrived. Xbox One users have had this feature for some time, so PS4 fans have rightfully been frustrated for this feature. 25 more words


Kitchen Scramble: Gaining Guilt, Gaining Goals

If there were a programme dedicated to Britain’s worst chef, I believe with absolute fervor that I would receive a knock at my door. This week alone, I have burnt rice, I have incinerated oven chips and I have misread my microwave buttons. 1,441 more words


Why I Love The New Periscope App

Today, Twitter releasesd its new revolutionary app, Periscope.

A few days before that an app called, Meerkat was released and people went nuts over it. High-profile celebrities even grasped onto the app. 664 more words

Video Games

Things Online Gamers Understand.

1.The fact that you can’t just pause your on-line game.

  1. People think that you spend too much time indoors.

  1. Girl gamers have it tough.

  1. Your sleeping pattern goes out the window.
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Are casual gamers taking over video games?!

We have all seen it. Creeping up on us from the darkness. Casual gaming! -lightning strikes-

Well, with the yearly releases of Call of Duty and Assassin’s Creed continuing to sell well, i feel that there is a strong “Casualisation” happening to gaming and it comes in the form of pandering to mainstream audiences. 205 more words