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So I have this friend, and because I haven’t asked if I can name him, for argument sake we will call him X. Now X is a gamer which I can only divise is some foreign word for “Person who can focus on the most redundant of s*** for hours” 498 more words

Canadian Girl

Is there a way to know the real percentage of female and/or male gamers?

People disagree the notion that females are a big percentage of gamers. Others argue that the percentage is manipulated to argue one way or the other (e.g. 672 more words

Welcome from the Candy Assassins!

Hello all! This website is dedicated to the MineCraft YouTuber’s Guild called “The Candy Assassins!” This group came from a couple like minded Gamers coming together within a Minecraft server, realizing we had the same goals and aspirations, and we found that having a group of close friends making video’s on YouTube is not only more fun, but it makes it easier to get followers and suscribers! 137 more words


The Order: 1886 Review | Size Matters, But It's All in How You Use It

The Order: 1886 has been torn apart over the course of the last week because of its length. Unfortunately, the gaming industry and gamers in general have been focusing on the length of the game rather than the content that is presented in those 6-9 hours. 242 more words


Dying Light (Part One)

I realize that this game has been out there for a little bit now and I bought it the day it came out, but honestly I set it down when Evolve came out to play that instead.   1,006 more words

Xbox One

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline - A Book Review

“Want to play a game?” If you know not only the movie from which that line came, but also the pacing and pitch variations of its delivery, and can say it just that way, this book is absolutely for you. 1,636 more words

Book And Movie Reviews

Duel of Champions - League Of Legends

Hey everyone and welcome back to another video game commentary, featuring the popular MOBA, League Of Legends!!!

So I want to apologize I haven’t had the chance to get any Homeworld Remastered footage up yet and I had difficulty putting together a post for today.   197 more words