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Episode 24 - Apple Watch

Thomas Bellmore, Johan Vorster and Michael Chen sit down and discuss what we want from The Last of Us 2. They also talk about The Witcher 3 and Amy Hennig’s new Star Wars game. 65 more words

TEG Podcast

The Great Pre-order Boycott of Our Time

To pre-order or not to pre-order

It’s an interesting dilemma that’s sprung up recently.  We used to just have games and that was it.  Some PC games were given expansion packs but the idea of patches to fix bugs wasn’t really prevalent ten, even five years ago.   737 more words


My Top 5 Video Games!

I’m a huge video game nerd and I know there are many out there like me. Today’s post is just an insight into some of my favourite games that I think fellow gamers will also enjoy. 546 more words


The 80s and Gaming or: How I learned to stop worrying and love Ready Player One

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline is a story that, like most of us, enjoys fond rosy-eyed memories of our youth before wistfully sighing at the state of gamer geek culture today. 507 more words

Capture Card Diary Part 1: The Send Off

The things I’ve learned going through this process I pass along to you.  Because Komasan’s expression is everything I feel so far. 598 more words


The sport you'll never stop loving!

Sports has always been an integral part of the human civilization. India in particular is crazy about Cricket. We can always find street urchins playing gully cricket with great enthusiasm and concentration. 382 more words


Agar.io #1

So I didn’t exactly film what I did on Agar.io, or Agario, but I will explain to you my playthrough.

I’ve played this game before—so many times ever since Jack did. 351 more words