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Battlefront Reveal Trailer

It’s phenomenal, we will see you November of 2015 this year! Hope you guys enjoy this game as much as I am excited it is to be released. 25 more words


DESIRE TO Make A GAMING? Here's How!

A popular among the women in Mozambique, Gulugufe is a two player abstract tactic board game in the Alquerque category of board games. Plan each day or weekend that you would spend with your family or close friends playing games instead. 265 more words


Action packed FLASH SALE!!!!!!

The PSN has a bunch of games in the action genre on sale, And there are quite a few great games and deals, along with some games that should pique interest at a low price. 47 more words


MAKING A Video Game For Your Xbox FREE OF CHARGE

You can retrieve the article in plain text web form, and placed the column width to whatever you like automatically; or it is possible to replicate it as HTML, prepared to copy and paste directly into a website. 346 more words


My Confessions

I have something very important to confess.  I’m told that confession is good for the soul, that it lifts the burdens of life from your shoulders and then your everyday existence becomes more bearable. 1,952 more words

T.L. Gray

Episode 15 - A Roll of Quarters

The TEG podcast is back with Guitar Hero Live, Mortal Kombat X, Bloodborne and Destiny’s House of Wolves DLC discussions. 67 more words

TEG Podcast

#Gamergate, How Gaming Got Here and Why You Should Care

This will be my first proper post delving into the world of video gaming and the community around it. I intend this as a sort of jumping-off point, a little bit of background info, links to back it up, a bit of opinion. 2,104 more words