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PlayStation Vita - Gaming's Polarizing Handheld

Never has there been a handheld that has divided the gaming populous like the Vita has. The owners seem to absolutely adore it, but those who oppose the system adamantly criticize it. 408 more words


Warhammer and Those That Bring About A Mild Amount of Chaos.

Within the last few months I started playing Warhammer Fantasy.  If your not familiar with this game I suggest becoming familiar with it as it invokes the inner nerd like no other.  623 more words


#King of the Nerds: Finding the Perfect Gift

Oh the joys of gift giving!  I love to get people gifts, don’t we all?  I just hate shopping.  I am the kind of gift giver that wants the person to have a use for the gift.  396 more words

I'm BACK baby!

Hi again guys!

Sorry for my absence the last weeks/months! Real life hit – and it hits hard!! I have still been playing games occasionally, but had to finish my 6th semester at university and write my bachelor thesis. 457 more words


Would You Kindly Look At This Thing


Attention, Interwebs: I made a thing. And it’s pretty damn cool.  Get ready to be jelly in 3, 2, 1…

Yes friends, my kitchen just got 287% cooler, as is it now sporting a Bioshock knife block. 291 more words


Drift 'N' Drive App Review

I got this game through one of those little card things in Starbucks. I thought ‘it’s free, so why not?’. If you wanted to buy this game now it would cost you £1.49. 250 more words