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The one where I went on a roadtrip.

This isn’t gaming related I’m sorry, but today I drove from where I live (near Liverpool) down to Portsmouth! I passed my test back in October 2013, and this is the first big journey I’ve done on my own, the furthest before then was Manchester. 222 more words


A Disappointing Destiny

When this game was first announced I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. It quickly became one of my most anticipated titles to date. 1,175 more words


A Loot What?!

So if you hadn’t guessed from the few posts I’ve made so far, I’m a proud geek and gamer, and as such I am of course a subscriber of the awesome little box that is Loot Crate! 263 more words


Dad, You suck at this game...

OK boys. You and your little friends just crushed me in Super Smash Bros version 432. That’s right, I suck at this. Nope, I can’t get a handle on the 42 different buttons on this monster control pad. 378 more words


Top survival tips for Minecraft

So i may not be a huge expert when it comes to Minecraft. I only got introduced to game when it came out on Xbox One but i have learned some very valuable lessons when it comes to survival! 1,407 more words

Ukrainian Director Remains Locked Up After Torture in Detention in Crimea (Guest Column)

Mike Downey, deputy chairman of the European Film Academy, is seeking to spread the word about Ukrainian director Oleg Sentsov, who has been imprisoned on charges of terrorism. 1,078 more words


To Succeed I Feel I Need An Actual Win State: Endless Runners In Video Games

When people first established video games, they often tried to incorporate the rules and ideas that came from other games, sports, board or other. One of these key conditions is that you have a condition which results in victory, some form of completion, defeat of all obstacles before you. 998 more words