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This company wants to compete with Sony in the video game streaming market

Video game rental company GameFly is following Netflix’s example and entering the cloud-based streaming business. GameFly just acquired cloud gaming company Playcast Media Systems and has started streaming games to Amazon Fire TV, pitting itself against Sony’s PlayStation Now game streaming service. 540 more words


Amazon Continues to Push Into Games with Gamefly Streaming

Gaming has felt like an inevitability for the online retail giant for years now. In 2012, Amazon launched Amazon Game Studios but the company has progressively added wrinkles to what feels like an exciting strategy. 713 more words


GameFly's new streaming service wants to be Netflix for games

GameFly’s streaming service works a bit differently than something like Netflix. Instead of an all-you-can-play assortment of games for a fixed monthly price, users can rent bundles of games for $6.99 a month each. 70 more words

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Amazon's Fire TV Gets More Gaming Cred With GameFly Streaming

Amazon is crowing about its big Fire TV app and channel catalogue this morning (I have to wonder if the timing has anything to do with the Apple TV announcement rumored for next week), but the best part of the announcement is the… 246 more words


Grabbed my 5th platinum trophy

Got the platinum for Wolf Among Us, was really easy to be honest but was happy to see everything, Also still if anyone wants to let me referrer them to Gamefly let me know!


How Gamefly Made Me See Games in a New Light

Earlier this month, my household bid a gracious farewell to Gamefly. We signed up for the service in 2009 and quickly enjoyed having access to a wide array of games for a number of systems.  1,017 more words


Anyone wanna help me out? Also give away coming soon!

So anyone wanna use the referrer the friend program on Gamefly? Basically I referrer your email sign up we both get a month free! If so let me know it’d be great! 24 more words