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Game Theory, Cheap Talk and Bragging

 “To brag the right way is to talk about yourself (interests, ideas and accomplishments) in a conversational story-like manner with pride, enthusiasm and passion. Telling a short story―or what I call a “bragologue”―is far more compelling and interesting than rattling off your accomplishments in laundry-list fashion.” 365 more words

The 1931 Histomap: The entire history of the world distilled into a single map/chart.

Fascinating snapshot of human history… to fit things in a single map, complexities will have to be left out as is apparent looking at the map and an obvious question of zero sum game has been raised in text prefacing the map. 206 more words

Game Theory

John Nash and Game Theory (Aditya Kuvalekar, Swarajya Magazine,

John Nash. A name nearly everyone would have heard. But what exactly did he do? Possibly, many people know that he came up with a concept of equilibrium known as the “Nash Equilibrium”. 179 more words



What is a good strategy game? There are many factors that contribute, but one of the most significant is the game’s elegance.

Elegant games are both simple, and very strategically interesting. 1,626 more words

Game Theory

Valve's Monopoly

“Valve has a natural monopoly!”

So did MySpace.

More relevant to computer games, would be that so did Zynga.

However, beyond bumper stickers, there is the basic problem to be discussed: How much market power does Valve have? 461 more words

"The Power of Communication," D. Rahman (2014)

(Before getting to Rahman’s paper, a quick note on today’s Clark Medal, which went to Roland Fryer, an economist at Harvard who is best known for his work on the economics of education. 936 more words

Game Theory

Game Over

The Jargon of Game Theory

By Branko Malic

Source: Soul of the East

While suffering under the information barrage wrought by mass media, a question arises in one’s mind: exactly how many words are there in the media vocabulary? 2,477 more words