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Beautiful Minds, Beautiful Hearts

John Forbes Nash, Jr. (1928–2015) and Alicia de Larde Nash (1933–2015)

The Publisher's Dilemma

This may be my last entry…

John Nash’s death was widely reported today but pretty much every report said the same thing:

John Nash, who inspired the move ‘A Beautiful Mind’ starring Russell Crowe, died in a car crash today.

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The Game Theory: A Film about and a Tribute to John Nash

This genre of the week starts off with a quote: Sometimes the brightest minds happen to be the craziest, and even the craziest people are the ones that make the difference in our society. 818 more words


R.I.P. John Nash, Creator of Game Theory

The man responsible for game theory has passed away. I saw the movie “A Beautiful Mind” as well as learned about Game Theory as an Economics major. 88 more words


Lintcode: Coins in a Line II

第八个test case memory limit超了,没有想到更好的办法

public class Solution {
    public boolean firstWillWin(int[] values) {
        if (values == null || values.length <= 2) {
            return true;
        int second = values;
        int first = values + second;
        int sum = first;

        for (int i = values.length - 3; i >= 0; i--) {
            sum += values[i];
            int cur = sum - Math.min(second, first);
            second = first;
            first = cur;
        return first > (sum - first);
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Lintcode: Coins in a Line


public class Solution {
    public boolean firstWillWin(int n) {
        return n % 3 != 0;