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Evolutionary Game Theory, Coevolution and Red Queen Syndrome.

Evolutionary game theory (EGT) is the application of game theory to evolving populations of life forms in biology. It is especially useful for understanding the phenomenon of coevolution. 394 more words

The Melian Dilemma: Varoufakis, Thucydides and game theory

The Melian Dialogue in Thucydides has been of interest to game theorists since the earliest development of the field; it was discussed on several occasions by John von Neumann, generally accepted founder of this approach, and it appears in the work of a leading game theorist like Thomas Schelling. 3,162 more words


DIGC310 Blogpost 3: The Magic Circle and Betrayal at House on the Hill

After the struggle last week to get a Let’s Play video up and running due to confusing rulebooks, I had a revelation; this utter confusion… This could totally be a thing. 785 more words


Understanding Game Design: Introductory Help

A lot of the game on the mobile market share characteristics with other games of the same type, and can thus be grouped together in a similar category.   213 more words

Game Design

Gentlemen Reading Each Others' Mail: A Brief History of Diplomatic Spying as a force for peace and nuclear stability

At the 2009 G20 meetings in London, GCHQ set up fake internet cafes for delegates to use to log their keystrokes. If you are dumb enough to use an Internet cafe for official business, you deserve to be spied on. 821 more words

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Post-Game Talk: Friends, Fireteams and Painted Armies

I played a couple games up at Mox again yesterday, and wanted to jot down some thoughts as these games were a “first” for me in a few areas.   2,019 more words

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