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Erica Morales Fund - Quadruplets

Erica Morales Fund – Quadruplets posted 1/16/2015 by Nicole Todman


The Order: 1886 Review: Window Dressing

In the first chapter of The Order: 1886, Galahad — the player character — slowly walks through a beautiful and meticulously crafted environment. You can see smoke plumes billowing off nearby roofs and dried paint cracking under the sun. 1,025 more words


New Game Review Video! Mario Golf: Advance Tour

What`s up everybody its been a while since I posted stuff on my blog, I`ve been really busy lately and I apologize for the delay. Anyway I have a made a new game review video on YouTube and in this video I`m reviewing a game called, “Mario Golf: Advance Tour” for the Gameboy Advance. 65 more words


Game Review: Dead of Winter

Name: Dead of Winter
Players: 2-5
Game length: Website quotes 60-90 minutes but from experience it took two to three hours for a game. Should be noted that all players were still learning the game though. 513 more words

Game Review

Gaming Fun - Letting me echo me - [Hearthstone]

The more that I grow up as a writer and as a human being, traveling and dancing, exploring the world, paying rent and just enjoying my time on this plane, the more that I realize that I need to stop pretending that parts of my personality don’t exist. 2,325 more words


I didn't need any motivation to play this game. Criminal Girls review

Ah what can I say about this little gem on the Vita, It has a fantastic look that brings me back to the SNES days in a way, So lets dive deeper into why I loved this game. 320 more words