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Final Fantasy V - Android - Part Way Review

Hello there

So this is my first written game review. I’m going to focus on things that I find important when playing games but if there’s any area you think I’ve missed please let me know. 599 more words


Intrusion 2

Intrusion 2

Price on steam – £6.49

Intrusion 2 is an action platformer, that was made by one man in two years. The amazing non stop combat combined with excitement of trying to get to the next boss to see what it’s like, makes this a great game. 218 more words


Don't Starve - Admiral ToasT Review

Don’t Starve is an uncompromising wilderness survival game full of science and magic. Enter a strange and unexplored world full of strange creatures, dangers, and surprises.

519 more words

Mortal Kombat X Initial Thoughts

You don’t know me very well if you don’t know how much of a Mortal Kombat fan I am. I own every game over stupid amounts of consoles all of which I still play on a regular basis. 906 more words


Monaco: What's Yours is Mine, Review !


Price on steam – £11.99

Monaco is a co-op/single player, top-down stealth game where you make your way through the banks and buildings of Monaco each level stealing as many coins as possible and completing the prime objective. 264 more words


BACKPACK PICK - Samurai Spirit from FunForge

Passport Game Studios, in partnership with Funforge brings us this BACKPACK PICK from famed game designer Antoine Bauza.

Samurai Spirit is a cooperative game for 1-7 players, where you and your fellow Samurai must work together to protect a village from a horde of raiders. 1,521 more words

Family Fun

Monochromatic Gladiator

Shapes of Gray Review (WiiU)

Described by the developer Secret Tunnel Entertainment as “WarioWare meets Hotline Miami”, Shapes of Gray had some pretty impressive shoes to fill. 979 more words