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Hypocrisy in Gaming: Banned from Polygon, Jaydential Rises - Rate Your Journalists

As a video game blogger, I’ve come to realize we are all not perfect. Some of us strive to be the best we can be, some of us go out of our way to hurt others and give false reports.   4,815 more words

March 2015

Job Opportunitys

So I received a message yesterday about applying for a job, They asked to see some of the work I have created and i have sent it them along with an email.

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Website Design

So now the layout of my website is completed my next task was to add pieces of work to my website, I will be updating my website with more work in the near future, the great thing about the website is I can add in all of the new work I will be creating, 32 more words


Creating the website

So here I have my first prototype on how the pages will look on my website, I believe the style is very simplistic, I tried not to overcrowd the design with work. 11 more words

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Website Research

so as I am intending to create my own website I have been looking at other creative websites.I have been taking notes on how the page is visualized and what stands out the most. 212 more words

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Creating the Design of a website

When I was in another team I was asked to create the design for a webpage, I accepted this task as I believe I would have learnt alot about the layout of websites. 11 more words

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Working on a game

In august 2014 I joined a team who I had met within the facebook group “Indie game developers” I showed them pieces of my work which they all agreed i was talented enough for the project. 57 more words

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