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Starting up a business: Thoughts on processes

Juha Vainio, CEO & Founder of Epic Owl

As my third Epic Owl blog posting I would like to share my thoughts about software development processes. 916 more words

Game Industry

Design Journal - Part 3

Risto D. Holmstrom, CCO & Founder of Epic Owl

The past blogs I’ve taken a serious look into the nature of design. I trust most of us have an idea of their optimal creative process. 2,810 more words


So let's talk about KONAMI...

What the hell happened? That’s what I’m left thinking. What in the hell happened? Going into 2015, KONAMI, the Japanese game publisher behind Silent Hill, Metal Gear, Castlevania and more, were fine. 1,064 more words


Sexism in the Game Industry

During Brianna Wu’s talk one of the questions raised was why is the game industry so sexist. By her experience, she said she never encountered this amount of sexism that she faces everyday in any other industry she has worked in. 308 more words


Pretty Things!

OTM; One and a half weeks left!

This week has been a busy one, especially with regards to Off The Map. At the start of the week we had to present our OTM work so far to the tutors. 863 more words

Creating my own wesbite

Before I had created websites for my portfolio but i have always had the same problem which was the domain name as it would appear with their website in it aswell, I then come across a website which allowed me to purchase to create my own website, business email and domain for only £12 a year. 27 more words

Texture Artisit