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On Recent Changes In Indie Game Pricing

After a Steam sale and the closing of Tales of Tales a few people are talking about sales and pricing on Steam again. As a consumer I’d like to believe the store isn’t facing a mobile-style race to the bottom, but things have certainly been changing ever since Valve started allowing a much higher volume of games in. 506 more words


Chi-Coder: Free-To-Play and Microtransactions Part 2: Your Thoughts.

Yesterday I gave you my thoughts on the free-to-play model, microtransactions, etc…  Feel free to give that one a read and see if your individual thoughts line up with mine.  1,748 more words

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Entertained by Waiting

I’m sure we’re all quite familiar with freemium genes the likes of FarmVille, Hay Day, and Clash of Clans. Games where one only needs to click the in-game objects and wait to succeed. 1,144 more words

Starting up a business: Starting up a business in Finland

Juha Vainio, CEO & Founder of Epic Owl

As my first blog posting I wrote about decision making in the context of founding Epic Owl. As my second blog posting I wrote about getting public funding for the company. 1,214 more words

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The ramblings of a gamer, my step into the "Next Generation"

So something happened recently…

I finally invested some money into the “Next Generation” of gaming, and got myself a PS4. I felt like it was around the right time to do it, ya know with actual good games coming out for the damn thing and a growing game library which seemed to be getting better and better. 1,089 more words

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Judge It Fully By Its Cover: Does Video Game Box Art Have A Future?

If a picture paints a thousand words, it’s clearly a fucking fantastic way to market your game by fitting what will likely be the entire length of this post into one message. 604 more words


New Kickstarter from Norway

My good friends at Antagonist are in the middle of their Kickstarter campaign and you should definitely support them!
It’s a promising game with many very specific nordic features like art inspired by… 129 more words