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Chi-Coder:  A Numbers Game.

I have a passion for mathematics.  I developed it sometime during my college career and haven’t been able to let go since.  I’m that guy who went back through his trig textbook “just for fun”.  1,509 more words

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GUI and stuff

So I created a healthbar (finally), that even works….well, kinda XD it’s decreasing it’s value over time, I can also reverse it, but I’m still looking for a good way to measure when and how often enemies are damaging the dragon and I have not yet fully grasped how I can use time.deltatime in every occasion. 108 more words

Game Development

Mobile Game Development: learn your weaknesses and strive for consistent quality in all areas

Having taking a few iOS projects from conception to release on the Apple Apple Store, I’m starting to discover patterns in how I go through the development process. 596 more words

Game Development

The Nifty Fifty

Ever since I was young kid, I made up my own games. I had my own fun. I wasn’t playing freeze tag. I was playing dragon tag. 477 more words

Game Development

The weapon wheel is arguably complete now, well for a prototype anyway. It now displays the selected weapon and it’s current and maximum ammo counts in the center of the wheel. 78 more words

Game Development