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Is Branded IP the new way to go for games!

Contemporary gaming companies such as EA and GameLoft are having a hard time creating something as substantial as Clash of Clans. Unlike their dominance in conventional gaming-market of PC and consoles, these companies are having a hard time replicating that for mobile and keep their dominance. 346 more words

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These 5 things keep safe mobile game developers about their games

The Situation: As you know, the gaming industry is huge, even bigger than Hollywood. The gaming industry produced around $93 billion in revenue in 2014, which is expected to grow by 9% to around $111 billion in 2015. 290 more words


5 Ways to Secure Your Mobile Games from Unwanted Stuff

Like apps, mobile games are also unsecure. And if you are thinking who would waste time to hack a game where players just come to entertain themselves, then let me remind you that your game consist of in-app purchases or other stuff where users pay from their bank accounts – so indirectly your game has many risks for users in terms of their personal bank account details. 409 more words

Game Developers

The take away from this is Voldemort chose a better career.

Okay, can someone please explain to me why game developers think that women need just a metal bikini to protect themselves, while guys get a full set of armor? 118 more words