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Can we stop With the Broken Games Already on all consoles and PC

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Apparently 2015 is starting off on the Wrong foot with Tecmo koei Games released Dead or alive 5: Last Round(which Has tons of Unnecessary cosmetic DLC) was Found to have a Game Breaking Bug in the Tutorial Section if you’re playing it in any language other than English, Korean, Japanese, and Traditional Chinese. 170 more words


Let's Play: What Can You Legally Use?

Have you ever wanted to make a “Let’s Play” of a video game or maybe a video to show something you’ve found or come up with? 192 more words

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Vinyl and Kyra Games!

Hey guys! :) This is a blog for games that Vinyl and I (Kyra) make! We both hope you enjoy what we make! :D We are working on our first game right now! 35 more words

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Techland Games gets it, with Dying Light !

So many game developers out there lately try to milk you dry even before the release of their game. Techland Games, the makers of Dying Light, released a finished game ! 489 more words

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The Mystery of a Lost Planet

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