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Start Your Day With These New Games For Your Apple Watch

Tiny watch and its teeny tiny games – isn’t it exciting. After the arrival of Apple watch, users curiously started waiting for best games to introduce in the market, so that they can have an immense pleasure of being an Apple watch user. 434 more words

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#Gamergate - Does Crowdsourcing Enable Fraud?

Again, not an academic, just a skeptic and rationalist. The next question I was asked was:

Show that Kickstarter enables and encourages fraud by game developers/abuse of the gaming press by game developers and/or those sympathetic to them in said press.

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Zeros 2 Heroes

Hidden Object Games

Animism: The Book of Emissaries

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5 Android Wear Updates to Compete Against Apple Watch

Arrival of Android wear like Moto 360 or LG Watch Urbane was in conversation before Apple Watch. But they were not as popular as the Apple Watch is. 471 more words

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Making Games for Apple Watch: Challenges Ahead for Mobile Game Developers

Finally, Apple watch is arrived to purchase. We can still remember the moment when iPhone 3G was released and people got crazy for it. After that, it was iPad who again proved Apple to be on top for releasing advance gadgets. 586 more words

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