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Rewriting the Event Manager

Since the beginning I was aware that one of the most critical and difficult part of the development of Wizards’ Duel would have been the… 729 more words


Weekend Play: Homework Saleman

For most of weekends during winter, I just want lie down on bed and listen to music to relax from stress. If there is anything I want to do beside listen to music is play game. 998 more words


Planning - How To Discover a Game Project's Costs

I was recently contacted by a friend of mine who asked for my advice on how much he should charge for freelance work and how he might figure out those numbers in the first place. 1,099 more words

Game Development

A futuristic submachinegun for my game project

The idea is to make a weapon that is compact, versatile, fast, and easy to use, and from that mindset, i decided on making a submachinegun, instead of a rifle. 18 more words

Arm Sculpt

Here is an arm i have been working on in Zbrush. It will be used in the game as the player model.

Game Dev

March 27th: New Years Resolutions

A thought occurred to me last night: I’ve been putting a lot of work into getting this game working at 1920×1080, but I’m not sure that’s actually the best look for it. 256 more words

Daily Update


Empathy is a big subject in game design. Many discussions in game design forums is how to produce that empathy. Common examples given are to make a character multi-faceted where one facet affects the PC and the other influences the player (e.g. 316 more words