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Oculus Gaze Maze

**best viewed in full screen on a stereoscopic display. (i.e. Oculus Rift VR head-mounted display)**

Short demo of a prototype I’m working on. The player uses the direction of their gaze to guide a sphere through a maze. 123 more words


Gaming Through the Ages

Each summer, the Digital Learning Team offers a series of workshops for tweens and teens which use digital tools to explore natural and social science content from the Museum’s collections. 431 more words


#1GAM July and the Lighthouse game update

It’s been a little while since I have participated in #1GAM or done anything with the Lighthouse game, but that should be coming to an end! 378 more words


Concordia's Card Play

Card play is really interesting in Concordia. Each player starts with the same set of 7 personality cards. On their turn, players play any one of their cards and resolve its effect – that’s it! 739 more words

Game Design

Eliminating Energy

In my previous post Understanding Energy I explained the reasons that designers include energy systems in their games:

  1. Habituation
  2. Content Pacing
  3. Monetisation
  4. Strategic Choices

I also noted that energy systems aren’t particularly elegant systems – they rarely blend well with the setting of the game, and this disconnect makes them disliked by players. 1,106 more words

Game Design

Blog: An Overdue Update and the Way Forward

It seems my last post was three months ago. I’m still trying to work out where all that time went, and failing miserably. Consider this a small update regarding what the current plans and developments are. 220 more words