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peteza guyloo and the pizza gods

My name is angelica gomez and i’m officially working under edsdt as a designer and contributer. i’m super excited to introduce you to the beginning stages of my fiance’s first rpg game. 102 more words

Game Design

February 28th: Impacts and Negotiations

I changed the structure of directional input so that it’s all mediated through the PlayerMovement behavior. This means I don’t need to repeatedly define what “down” means for all of the different behaviors which need to know (crouching, dropping through platforms, directional jumps and attacks, etc). 71 more words

Daily Update

Game Design 1: Resident Evil 6

Preface: You might have guessed from the title that this post has nothing to do with travel or Japan. However, you’d be wrong. Resident Evil 6 is made by a Japanese company. 763 more words


CIU212: Final Project Blog 1

For final project I had always intended to create an RPG of some description, and after forming a team with Jack Pearce, Thayden Purcell, and Mayu Lee that is exactly what we are doing. 578 more words

bad design…

“A bad design/controls/interface will put me off a game faster then getting gas from eating taco bell.”


Game Tip: Risk of Rain

I discovered Risk of Rain on an 8-hour train ride from Salzburg to Hamburg. Like so many other games, it had been lying around in my… 361 more words


February 27th: Hard Times

Just added a simple behavior to make it so that when you fall from a long height it momentarily forces you into a crouch animation. This is an idea I took pretty much wholesale from Symphony of the Night, one of my major influences here, and with a nice thump and some dust particle effects it adds a lot of weight to the character. 117 more words

Daily Update