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Anti-Science Quotable: Ted Cruz - climate change deniers are heretics like Galileo.... WTF? #science

I’m a big believer that we should follow the science and follow the evidence. If you look at global warming alarmists, they don’t like to look at the actual facts and the data.

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Among the Greats

Steven Weinberg, To Explain the World: The Discovery of Modern Science, 172:

With Galileo, we come to one of the greatest scientists of history, in a class with Newton, Darwin, and Einstein.

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Scurte #332

- Millennium Books vine la Final Frontier 2015 cu a doua ediţie a romanului de debut al Roxanei Brînceanu, Sharia.

- Galileo Science Fiction & Fantasy… 35 more words


Galileo, by Indigo Girls

galileo’s head was on the block
the crime was looking up for truth
and as the bombshells of my daily fears explode
i try to trace them to my youth… 305 more words


K is for Kepler

Truth is the daughter of time, and I feel no shame in being her midwife.

These words, written by Johannes Kepler in 1611, are profound.  At the time, Galileo had just discovered the…

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Science Writing

Descartes and the New Metaphysics - Lecture 2

If Galileo is the name that stands for the emergence of a new science and a new way of looking at the world, then Descartes is the one who grounds it in a new metaphysics. 5,083 more words


The Starry Messenger

Professor Galileo of Padua made his lenses

and the sky was 20 times closer.

Mountains on the moon, and more moons

around Jupiter, and a celestial Milky Way… 95 more words