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Morandi, Bonnard, and Silences Within

By William Eaton

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Maintenant; Ethel l’a compris . . . Now Ethel understood: it was the emotion of her great-uncle that was making her shiver.

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Spring in Tuscany and Florence

There are some places in Europe that are truly awe-inspiring with its history and beauty.  Okay, there are a lot of places in Europe like that ;-) 1,428 more words


Taking Another Look at Galileo pt. 1

As a guilty pleasure, I love to read or watch science fiction which challenge the known laws of physics.  I like to entertain the possibility of alternate realities.   98 more words

Musings In My Life

Transubstantiation from the brain to the soul.

“But then he knew nothing was gained – for how could the brain generate the soul? A woman can beget a child, and that was wondrous enough. 116 more words


6-23-2015 Catholic Church Bails Out Again!

Jorge Mario Bergoglio is the head of the Roman Catholic Church. On June 18, 2015, he sent an encyclical to be read to Catholics endorsing a “new world political authority” action based upon “Climate Change.” Is this another abandonment of true scientific facts for Catholic Church political gain? 105 more words


Thinking About NVCC 6/28/2015

In 1514 Copernicus theorized the planets orbited the sun. A century later Galileo, with the newly invented telescope, found his theory was indeed correct. In 1616 and 1632 the Catholic Church commanded Galileo not to defend or hold his doctrine, and in the latter year placed him under house arrest for life. 155 more words

Thinking About NVCC