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Antibiotic Resistance: Incentivizing the Disincentive

By: Aminul Islam, Ph.D

Thanks to the serendipitous discovery of antimicrobial agents by the Scottish scientist, Sir Alexander Fleming in 1928, society at large has benefited tremendously from improved public health and advanced medical and agricultural practices. 569 more words


Weighty Subject

When you have an autoimmune illness a lot of times part of the added fun is weight issue.  If they prescribe steroids for you, you are going to put on weight because you end up in a case of hungry-hippo starvation feeling.   216 more words

Coming and Going

Through an accident of chance
You meet a new boy
You flourish with emotional wealth
You marry and conceive
You drift apart and leave
A parting good for your health… 175 more words

Weekly Workouts 3/22-3/28 & Unexpected Compliments

Hey there! How are you? I am always at a loss on how to start my posts so I start with the simple.

Today I wanted to check in with my workouts from the past week! 819 more words


First and foremost should be the WHY we risk. It’s to gain! You cannot make a gain unless you take a risk! The return on the gain is controlled by the risk taker. 736 more words


Laugh at life

Laugh at life

which is snakes and ladder game

an unknown dice tossing around

sometimes on peek

sometimes on low

we keep hoping the dice rolls us up… 71 more words

Which Of My Meds Are Most Likely To Be The Cause Of My Weight Gain?

I ve gained a total of six pounds since taking: Sertraline – 150 mg Clonozepam – 0.5 mg Saphris – 10 mg I m thinking it s the Saphris, since taking it at night makes me really hungry and makes me want to eat. 7 more words