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the WEIGHT-ing game

what’s in a number?? but really, numbers were meant to and are ever changing: the time of day, the speedometer, the digits on a clock or a scale. 538 more words


I’ve been here for 4 months now and I’ve definitely grown. Both physically and emotionally. My physical growth has come as a direct result from my over indulgence in all that the Italian cuisine has had to offer. 532 more words


How to Prevent Festive Weight Gain

The festive season is fast approaching. There will be moments of merriment, foods galore and sumptuous buffet spread. You are seriously wondering how can you maintain your weight or at least control it with so many temptations. 23 more words


What I see....

What do you think

I see when you find me looking at the mirror?

Grieving soul?

Broken heart?

Pain in eyes?

Forced dimples on cheek? 82 more words

Different Angles

[SPOILERS] [RAW] Mnet SIXTEEN Episode 3 Recap


Many thanks to @lemonsherbet00, @MISSJYP1, @shmesm, and @keitadj for giving some live translations


I was expecting more from Momo. She seems to not have found that something in her that makes her shine brightly among the others, her moxy… 718 more words



HERBALIFE revenues for the quarter amounted to USD 1110 mn, above estimates (USD 1080 mn).

Earnings per share in the quarter was $ 1.29, exceeding the estimates presented in February and the market consensus (USD 1.01). 147 more words

Short Sightedness

Don’t let your desire for short term gain block you from long term rewards.


I have had this happen to me so may times in my life that I just have to laugh about it now. 468 more words