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Lady Gaga what?!?

Birdman this, Neil Patrick Harris that, holy cow, did you see Lady Gaga? This Time article summed it up pretty well by saying essentially that it was so unexpected it was almost to be expected since it is Gaga. 71 more words

PHOTO: Lady Gaga Has A Wardrobe Malfunction

What do Lady Gaga and Chelsea Handler have in common? Not a week goes by without us seeing their boobs.

Gaga’s latest wardrobe malfunction happened over the weekend as she was changing outfits in the backseat of a car. 81 more words


Gaga-Boo Music

By now you may have heard about the Fox News anchor who used a racially derogatory word in her discussion of Lady Gaga’s performance at the Oscars.  841 more words

Gypsy Life

Sometimes the story has no end

This journey has been a long one, without a doubt. It’s been full of twists and turns, and not like I would have imagined if I had guessed what life would look like.

721 more words

Gaga Checks into American Horror Story

Lady Gaga joins the cast of American Horror Story for the fifth installment of the thrilling FX series. 247 more words

Who Is Lady Gaga Replacing On AHS: Hotel?

Lady Gaga informed us yesterday that she’d be part of the upcoming season of American Horror Story. This installment is dubbed Hotel, and Gaga teased us via Twitter. 99 more words


Oh my GAGA!! The best Oscar 2015 performance of the night!


       Who knew Mother Monster does musicals? Lady Gaga sang at the 2015 Academy Awards last Sunday in a dress made not of raw meat and plastic bubbles but actual fabric, and belted a mash-up of  songs from “The Sound of Music?!!” What planet are we on right now?! 196 more words