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Aku Soku Zan [Slay Evil Immediately] is now my favorite quote.

“Though some may consider such a “law” an extreme measure, those who followed it did so religiously. Believing that no matter what side they fought for, that as long as they upheld Aku Soku Zan, they would accomplish their mission.” 106 more words


GachiYellow Exclusive: Windstream Fraud

“FCC: “Broadband” now means 4Mb/s down, 1Mb/s up”


Digital subscriber line, or DSL, is always broadband, but it is not the only kind of broadband.” 105 more words


Categorizing different types of false flags

After preforming a quick search over some search engines I noticed people use the term “false flag” but there’s no official or unofficial names for different types of false flag attacks. 519 more words