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40 days and 40 nights...Happiness is A Choice

Self-help books……

Go on, tell me your first immediate reaction or response to that term. Shame? Guilt? Success? Powerful? Self-declared fan?

So many different terms can come to mind when you think of a Self-Help book, but why is that? 927 more words


Be recklessly generous and relentlessly kind.

“All right is almost always where we eventually land, even if we fuck up entirely along the way.”–Cheryl Strayed

I decided to headline today’s blog post with those words of wisdom, not because it’s exactly the topic I’ll be discussing, but because those two intentions match mine. 406 more words

5 Things I Learned From Deepak Chopra's Daughter

On a snoozy Friday afternoon as I was sitting at my desk plugging away at an excel sheet full of copy, a newsletter from my favorite store in NYC appeared in my inbox, like a gem surfacing from the depths of the internet. 648 more words


Spirit Junkie, Pt. II

Woo, my first book review!

So yes, I’ve been dropping hints about things I’ve been learning lately, especially lessons from Gabby. I finished her first book today (it’s not necessarily lengthy or difficult to read, but you need to dedicate your time and your self to the practice she teaches) and started the second,  535 more words

That Basic Bitch

My experience at Spirit Junkie Masterclass

Check your ego at the door. You have work to do and we need you.  -Gabrielle Bernstein

Those words so beautifully sum up my Spirit Junkie Masterclass…

1,067 more words

Committing to Your Spiritual Path

So…I have a secret.

As much as I love yoga, meditation, and green juice…as much as I know it truly makes a difference in not only how I feel but also how smoothly my day goes…I’m lazy. 642 more words


What To Do When You Feel Stuck

I am a self-help spirit junkie! See, I even have the sweatshirt to prove it.

Spirit Junkie is a book by Gabrielle Bernstein, a spiritual guru, yoga and meditation instructor, self-help master, who dresses like Carrie Bradshaw. 815 more words