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5 Things I Learned From Deepak Chopra's Daughter

On a snoozy Friday afternoon as I was sitting at my desk plugging away at an excel sheet full of copy, a newsletter from my favorite store in NYC appeared in my inbox, like a gem surfacing from the depths of the internet. 648 more words


Speaking up

My peripheral vision is being constantly distracted by a vibrant card I pulled out of Gabrielle Bernstein’s new Miracles Now deck.

Its words resonate with me in a profound way, but it also reveals an uneasy gut-reaction. 300 more words


Things I'm Loving Friday: Favorite Books Edition

Happy Friday!

I hope you are off to a wonderful start to your weekend! I wanted to celebrate my Friday gratitudes by sharing some of my favorite books lately. 374 more words


Facing my resistance

Today I did something brave: I walked back into my studio after a month of dedicated resistance.

It looks a little neglected and messy: it has become our emergency dumping ground for post, boxes that are going to charity, a half finished jigsaw, essentially everything we had to ‘put somewhere’ when my brothers came to stay a couple weeks ago has been chucked into this room! 419 more words

Freedom & Purpose

Let's be honest now......

It’s been so long that I actually forgot my password!  Oh the excuses I could make right now, it would be a really long list.  Life happens, I ran with it and now I’m running back to what I know…… 8 more words


A Busy Person's Guide to Meditating

When I first started learning how to meditate, I thought I had to be perfect at it. Achieve a zen mood immediately. Banish all thoughts and listen to my breath. 419 more words



Happy Sunday lovas!

I’m a freak – it’s not even 8am and here I am. I had a pretty cool little morning already, actually. I woke up super early, right when the sun was rising, and decided to go out for a drive to watch it (and vibe with some music – so awesome). 207 more words

That Basic Bitch