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The problem with feeling this way is that we expect balance, we expect cancellation. This is the way the world works and this is how we understand the natural laws we are governed by and so we expect the bad times and bad feelings to balance with and cancel out the good times and good feelings. 176 more words


This Is Not The End

Ruth 1:5
“Then both Mahlon and Chilion also died; so the woman survived her two sons and her husband.

To say that Naomi had been through some difficult times is a colossal understatement. 250 more words


Comfortable in your own skin

A part of the human condition is being somewhat alone, stuck in your own bubble of solitude. You can always try to label why you are a little bit empty; maybe it’s because the people you surround yourself with don’t know you well enough; maybe you simply can’t find ‘the person’ to enjoy your happiness with; or maybe, you are looking to find yourself, something you definitely cannot find in another person. 239 more words


Crumbling and Falling Away

My life lacks solidity. In all areas of my life, there is nothing certain, and I know that most people can say the same for themselves because life is an unpredictable bitch that ruins people’s lives when she has a bad day. 501 more words

“The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed.”

sci-fi writer William Gibson

This Is How I See It

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Call of Duty Black Ops III Ember Trailer Depicts Transhumanist War Between Enhanced & Regular Humans… 23 more words


Self portraits

When I first started drawing self-portraits, at 16 maybe, in art high school, I had this feeling of inadequacy that is so ubiquitous for girls and women, this feeling that my features are not quite right, that I am not pretty enough, etc. 198 more words