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It is your Story, your life that you live.

It is your Story, your life that you live. No one can take that away from you. You own you story and your life, no person can live your life or story.  498 more words

Random Thoughts

Amnesia Amour

Chapter 11


I immediately opened the door when I heard what he said. Surprised, he fell, face first, into my room.

“Oww… You could warn a guy, you know,” he said as he stood up quickly. 381 more words


10 Signs That You're In Your 20s

10 Signs That You’re In Your 20s:

  1. You wake up every morning questioning what it is you’re doing with your life 
  2. You have to plan future events so that you have something to look forward to. 
  3. 98 more words

Looking forward.

After asking how the drought problem in California even began, the next step of the issue to examine is what we can do to help this problem. 363 more words

Changing the Culture of R&D

By Tamara Carleton, CEO and Founder, Innovation Leadership Board, LLC

Whether it’s open innovation, portfolio management, or customer-centered innovation, implementing any new innovation framework often means changing an organization’s culture. 759 more words


Have I Finally Accepted Adulthood?

I’m back, my dear lovelies! Work took over my life for the past 3 months and I didn’t have much time to spare for writing. I know that is a sorry excuse for skimping on something that keeps me sane but being on the night shift while occasionally working the afternoon shift took a giant toll on my health. 1,014 more words



Bygone eras are gone by my reflection at the mirror of cross roads,

Choices swept me away from my selves unseen and untraveled.

Do I miss those moments picturing my footprints on beaches I will never see? 38 more words