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Amy vs Fruit: Raisin the roof

Part 1 – The sadness of tiffin

When I was a tiny child deciding that I would no longer eat fruit, it was a sweeping generalisation. 405 more words


Amy vs Fruit: What a peach

Part one – fun peach facts

I am sitting in my friend Ollie’s kitchen, staring at a peach and looking worried. He is already halfway through his and he is telling me about the pit in the middle. 647 more words


Will it work...?

We are reduced to this…

Since every other avenue has been exhausted to get Alex to eat his dinner, we are reduced to reward charts (aka positive behaviour encourager or bribery…however you want to look at it!) 142 more words


Love Chocolate!

I totally forgot to write about my favorite confectionery : CHOCOLATE!

The Valentin’s day had gone but I had some enjoyment in fridge for two month. 228 more words


Amy vs Fruit: Pear off

Part 1 – Stop saying mean things about me!

All right lovely brunch fans, before we begin, I’ve got some things to say regarding the extremely unfair victimisation of this series in… 791 more words


6 Top Tips for Feeding the Fussy Eater

Do you have a particularly fussy horse or pony? Are you struggling to maintain energy and/or condition. Our expert feeding tips might just help…

1. Firstly, check there are no physical problems e.g. 201 more words

Amy vs Fruit: Blowing Raspberries

After the success of the banana, I was a bit worried that this series would descend into an awkward succession of shame-faced posts in which I tried all the fruits and said “actually that was fine, I don’t really know what the fuss was all about.” 400 more words