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A Fiasco In France

I wrote this when I was in College, it was a piece of Coursework that was never actually handed in, so I thought today I’d share it with you lovely people on WordPress. 1,182 more words


The 7 stages of life with a fussy eater.

I have a favourite photo of my big girl. Aged about 12 months old she sits happily in her high chair, proudly holding a lamb cutlet in one hand and an asparagus spear in the other and sporting an enormous grin. 912 more words


#Effit Friday - can't eat, won't eat

Yesterday started out as a lovely day; playing in the garden, both babies napped together and then off to the seafront for a quick paddle. I was in such a good mood, that the mess hadn’t bothered me, baby sicking on me was just ‘one of those things’ and a few tears before nap time were bearable. 619 more words


Chocolate zucchini muffins

I love this recipe from the Cooking for me and you cookbook.

As a ‘recovering fussy eater’ I know I don’t hate zucchini anymore but I still struggle to like it. 53 more words


Amy vs Fruit: Drawing the short straw... berry

Part 1: Strawberry guilt

Guess what, kids? It’s JUNE! Which means it’s SUMMER! Doesn’t the world just instantly feel a bit better? Aren’t the cockles of your heart warmed as well as your body? 617 more words


Amy vs Fruit: Raisin the roof

Part 1 – The sadness of tiffin

When I was a tiny child deciding that I would no longer eat fruit, it was a sweeping generalisation. 405 more words


Amy vs Fruit: What a peach

Part one – fun peach facts

I am sitting in my friend Ollie’s kitchen, staring at a peach and looking worried. He is already halfway through his and he is telling me about the pit in the middle. 647 more words