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How To Feed A Picky Eater

Since the days my daughters were born, I’ve been reading books and articles about how to address picky eaters.  To many people, there is nothing worse than the picky eater.   718 more words

Amy vs Fruit: A is for Apple

Part 1: Snow White style

Well, I made a promise, and I’m going to stick to it. I’m going to eat fruit. I swear.

If you’ve never met me before, allow me to set the scene: I am a human adult, and I genuinely have not eaten fruit in its normal, raw form in my living memory. 934 more words


What if I am a fussy eater? Will my child be one?

Message from my sister:

This year I realised that my picky eating habits have impacted on my eldest child, not wanting the same to happen to my youngest I decided that change must happen. 500 more words

Frequently Asked Questions

Weigh in 17

Another 2lbs off bringing me to a 2st 5lbs loss. Really chuffed and a big pat on my back. Im only 9lb away from target but i dont know if im going to shift my goal, im not feeling happy entirely. 250 more words

The Picky Five Year Old

Meet Lola.

Don’t be fooled by that butter-wouldn’t-melt beautiful face. Whilst she isn’t the naughtiest child that’s ever lived, lets just call her spirited. But I’m not here to talk about her cuteness and cheeky behaviour, I’m here to talk about her eating habits. 752 more words


Reasons I probably shouldn't date! (but do anyway)

I’ve a date this weekend.
I’m not holding out any great hopes,but a nice night and a good dinner would do me!!Thing is , I’m quite lazy , quite odd and weird quirky and clumsy…these traits throw up question marks about my dating skills but hey I’m going to give it a go regardless. 508 more words

Being Single

He just won't eat.

So Connor is now two years old and a fussy eater. Now I’m sure most Mums will say that their child has been a fussy eater at some point in their life, but he is taking it to a while new level, and Jay is eleven next week i cant remember that long ago!! 352 more words